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Amazon Echo Spot Offers Everything You Love

August 10, 2018 / no comments, on blog

Amazon Echo Spot


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Amazon Echo Spot could become the favorite speaker among Alexa gadgets in the future. Because it combines the compact form of the Echo Dot with the screen functions of the Echo Show. The roundish look of the Amazon Echo Spot is not only an eye-catcher, it turns the Alexa speaker over a selection of watch interfaces in the probably smartest alarm clock, next to which one can wake up at the moment.

Echo Spot Features At a Glance

At first glance, the spherical echo spot looks very similar to a 70s bedside alarm clock. Amazon did not miss the opportunity to buy Echo Spot’s various watch interfaces, which are displayed in sleep mode on the small 2.5-inch screen. With over 15 different clock designs, everyone will find the right alarm clock design for their own interior design style. The case is neutral and available in black and white. Thus, the Amazon Echo Spot is a good option, for example, if you want to dimming the Philips Hue lamps from the bed or want to be awakened by your favorite station. Echo Spot offers you everything you love about Alexa – in a whole new stylish and compact design.


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Amazon Echo Spot as Tiny TV and Telephone

Evaluating echo spot as a pure bedroom gadget would be fatal: the compact speaker is just as good in the living room or office, where you can get out of the round echo much more. The Alexa messaging and phone feature allows owners of echo devices to easily get in touch. If both participants own a screen device such as a spot or a show, video telephony is also possible. This of course allows an even more personal exchange with friends and family.

In addition to the transmission of video calls, the mini screen is also surprisingly good for the daily news update. The reason for this is the automatic zoom on the main elements in the picture, for example the newscaster. If you prefer to switch to the full view, you can tap the touchscreen to see the corresponding setting options. With a wide selection of watch interfaces you can decorate the screen of the Echo Spot


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Installation And Commissioning Echo Spot

  1. Connect the power adapter to the Echo Spot and a power outlet. After a minute, the screen activates and the greeting is given by Alexa.
  2. Follow the on-screen installation instructions and have your home network Wi-Fi password ready.
  3. To turn Echo Spot on or off after installation, press the microphone / camera key.

What is Compatible With Amazon Echo Spot

Meanwhile, according to information from Amazon already over 4,000 devices Alexa compatible . For example, these popular brands and smart home solutions:

Philips Hue
OSRAM Lightify
Neato Botvac Connected
Fire TV Stick
Homematic IP
Magenta SmartHome

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Compatible Streaming Services :

  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • TuneIn
  • iHeartRadio
  • Audible
  • Amazon Music

Our favorite in music streaming:
Amazon Music Unlimited with over 50 million top quality songs. Be inspired by playlists for every mood. Cancelable at any time with just one click.

Benefits of Amazon Echo Spot


  • Alarm clock alternative through attractive watch interfaces
  • Compact, attractive design
  • Mini-screen for visual support of Alexa communication
  • Video telephony and video surveillance
  • Automatic zoom on important picture elements

Disadvantages of Amazon Echo Spot

  • Small screen with limited application possibilities


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Our report has already made it clear that we are a fan of the small, round Alexa device. Where Echo Show was too chunky and Echo Dot too easy, Amazon has brought the best of both worlds together at Echo Spot. For fans of Amazon Alexa, Echo Spoteine ​​is a clever addition to the Smart Home and can easily be used in one or two rooms. Despite the small screen, the Echo Spot convinces with many possible applications.


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