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Apple And An Insurer Aetna Would Like To Distribute Millions Of Apple Watch

August 15, 2017 / no comments, on blog

Apple, Aetna (a health insurance company) and hospital officials discreetly gathered last week learned CNBC .

The goal would be to provide Apple Watch with the 23 million Aetna customers interested in the connected watch, either free of charge or with an incentive discount.
It’s been almost a year that Apple and this insurer are discussing . A first step was taken at the end of 2016 when the 50,000 employees of Aetna were graciously handed a copy of the watch. Both companies have also worked on custom applications.


On a broader scale, Aetna’s intention would be to encourage clients to adopt healthier physical practices, and also to better monitor their efforts, for example through schemes (see also Apple would test a blood glucose meter for the Apple Watch ).

The idea that immediately comes to mind in this type of arrangement is that insurance contracts could see their rates adjusted in accordance with the health practices of subscribers and their good dispositions with respect to such programs.

After all the data collected by the watches of the employees of Aetna are already communicated to the employer, but in an anonymized form which makes their association with this or that person impossible. The same would probably apply to customers.

If a deal gets under way this will not result in 23 million Apple Watch suddenly shipped all over the place. But it is a potential reserve of users more than consequent if we consider that in the last quarter, Apple would have sold around 2.8 million units of Apple Watch around the world.

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