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12 Creative and Cheap Gifts for Valentine’s Day

January 26, 2018 / no comments, on blog

Valentine’s Day Creative and Cheap Gifts

Valentine’s day is coming and you already know what you will present your pair? Most people, of course, is still in doubt and that’s why we matter that you will check out now. This is because separate some amazing creative gift options and, most importantly cheap, because without everyone around is being able to spend, don’t you?

As you will see from the list below, all the gifts that we have selected are possible to do at home, with his own hands, using materials and, in the case of revenue, cheap ingredients; those who often already have in the closet.

All this, of course, don’t let Valentine’s day go blank, but also not to let anyone with a credit card or account blown off after romantic date. I bet you must have gone through it, isn’t it?

So pay attention to our suggestions, forget the brand clothing and shoes this year and use your hands to express all the love you always for your pair (But, while you’re there saving, it pays to know some babies that are pure ostentation on Instagram).

See, below, some creative and inexpensive gifts for Valentine’s day:


1. Breakfast Basket

Although it is an option “cliché” for Valentine’s day, you can make a basket of breakfast to be very interesting. In addition to cookies, cakes and breads taste, you can add interesting items, such as a different Cup, a spoon and so on.

2. Gourmet Basket

For the more “goumertizados”, those who like to cook their own food, a basket with different seasonings, honeys, chef apron and (again) kitchen items that are distinguished, if not custom, can be a good option.

3. Custom packaging

With a little creativity of dedication, you can create custom packaging for Valentine’s day. Cut-outs, for example, are great in the case of little boxes. Already the intention is to make a gift bag, such as image, paintings, such as the heart, done in white paint; get beautiful, for put something you bought, is keep pampering or goodies for your pair.

4. Keychain

If your couple likes Lego, why not give it away with a very creative piece, made with doodles, on Valentine’s Day? A simple idea to make and what looks incredible is this suspended key ring, whose assembly has no mystery whatsoever. The only trick of this keyring is to pierce a piece to pass the key link, which will be fixed on it. At the time of hanging, then the Lego fitting itself will secure the objects.

5. Box With Photos

Another creative, inexpensive gift that is the face of Valentine’s Day is the couple’s famous photo box. To make the gift charming, you can try to find a square box, if possible, about the same size as the photos revealed. Then customize the packaging to give it a more romantic feel. One tip that can make this gift even more interesting is to reveal the profile photos of Instagram or Facebook in black and white.

6. Custom Mug

A white mug and permanent markers can create an excellent gift choice for Valentine’s Day. That’s because you can customize the mug with messages and drawings that are part of the couple’s story. And the best: these types of markers are wash resistant.

7. Message Book

A small notebook, with the exterior personalized and stuffed with messages of love.This is one of the sweetest options possible for Valentine’s Day.The tip that starts each message with a letter of the alphabet … then your message book can be called “Alphabet of our love” (or, as you see fit).

8. Cookie Jar

A well-decorated canned jar filled with cookies that you have prepared for sure is another Valentine’s Day gift.To get even more charming, the trick is to try to put treats in the shape of a heart.

9. Pot of Confectionery

Already, if you do not have a lot of kitchen talent, for Valentine’s Day, you can make a pot, also custom, full of ready-made confections of course.Those with chocolate filling are always a good request, do not you think?

10. Custom Crate

For those who have a more “practical” pair, let’s say, and who really likes a good beer, how about personalizing a funny one for Valentine’s Day?For a lot of people out there, for sure, this gift is going to be the biggest declaration of love in the world!

11. Picnic Basket

On Valentine’s Day, you can surprise the couple with a well-crafted picnic basket.Put inside a beautiful basket, everything the couple likes, including drinks and food.Then just use the creativity to make the external decoration.

12. Wine basket

Following the idea of ​​the picnic basket on Valentine’s Day, you can also think of a romantic evening and present your pair with a basket of wines.Do not forget to decorate and include beautiful bowls, chocolates, nuts and what else the other person likes.

So, have you chosen which of these suggestions you will adopt on Valentine’s Day?


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