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Logitech Harmony – From Remote Control To Smart Home

August 9, 2018 / no comments, on blog

Logitech Harmony – From Remote Control To Smart Home

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The harmony from Logitech were able to pave the way for the comprehensive remote control for the smart home with the Harmony series. The control of the modern TV set is widespread, but other products are already available in other countries. The universal remote that could control multiple devices was the first step in the launch of Logitech’s Harmony range. The home was not smarter, but it was finally more room on the living room table: separate input devices for radio, TV, DVD players and others were now a thing of the past. The 350 and 650 remotes required control of up to eight different devices.

The Ultimate Hub later made it possible to control the TV with the smartphone as well. In the current range, the one-touch control offers many more options where the smartphone remains ready for other aspects. The future of the Logitech remote also bodes well.

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Harmony by Logitech – That’s The Assortment

Until the release of the Logitech Ultimate Hub, Harmony products had little to do with the classic concept of smart homes . The range included only the universal remote controls 350 and the more upscale version, the 650 with color display and information function. Other accessories were not possible to control many devices. The remote controls are still in the range. The two entry-level models are connected to a computer with Internet access and thus matched to the devices.

In 2013 there was the start of networked technology: the opportunity to use the smartphone as an input device was now created – one of the main criteria of the smart home. The Ultimate Hub was released in 2013. The release was associated with the release of accessories, which is optional only. We present you the current assortment here:

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Logitech Harmony Ultimate Hub

Smartphone and tablet are one of the keys to easy control of the intelligent home. From the couch it is possible to influence the lighting, the heating or even the door lock . To control electronic devices from a distance – this idea has been around for some time: In 1948, remote controls appeared with which it was possible to influence the size of the display. The model Lazy Bones was the first of the remote controls with which the transmitter could be changed. The models were still connected via a cable to the TV.

Compared to these products, the Ultimate Hub sounds like the future. The device couples remote controls for the TV, players and consoles like the XBox, PlayStation and Wii. Whether your home cinema system is compatible with the hub and the accessories is explained on the compatibility page .

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To install the device, it is connected to the power and set up mobile. You can download your favorite stations via the free Harmony App from the App Store or the Google Play platform. In total, up to five devices can be connected to the hub. The setup of the control is done individually. The swipe gestures are also set by the individual Harmony users. For more information, see Harmony Swipe Gestures .

The features of the Ultimate Hub allow easy switching with the Smart Phone and also checks that all transmitters and devices are set correctly. The power supply can also be influenced: The user interface of the required Harmony app is very intuitive. The included manual will help you with the setup. For the Ultimate Hub.

Smart Control – One Step Back

With the additional remote control Smart Control accessories are offered, which serves to leave the smartphone sometimes. Set up like a classic remote control and without field of view, the device is set with a smart input device. The remote control is very minimalist but still has the possibilities that you would like to have offered. This is particularly useful if, for example, just a call with the smartphone is pending. For the Smart Control remote control.

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Smart Keyboard – This is How The TV Turns Into a PC

Access to the Internet has become standard among manufacturers of modern TV sets. To use the Internet with all its offers, a keyboard is the simplest solution. By working on the PC, surfing in your spare time or writing e-mails, we are used to the classic input device. The smart keyboard has action buttons that are tailored to the entertainment offer. The input on the PC or the console are also possible. The list of compatible manufacturers and models is also long for the keyboard. For the Smart Keyboard.

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Harmony Ultimate One

The Ultimate One is also located in the field of accessories. The remote control has an interactive interface via the convenient one-touch operation. With the transmitters on the display can be selected directly, which channel or which platform just the most interesting entertainment offer. The device is connected to the PC, set and then serves as a universal input device. One-touch, that applies to up to 15 different devices. The remote control is ideal for anyone who wants to use the benefits of modern operation and also like to do without the phone. For the Harmony Ultimate One.


Harmony Ultimate

The third remote control, which is available in the market, can do even more than the Smart Control. In addition to the one-touch control of the home theater system, the Ultimate also has the ability to control the atmospheric lights of the Philips Hue. This includes the setting of individual lights, entire lighting themes and individual scenarios. Philips Hue can also be paired with the smart TV, providing lighting effects for your favorite game or movie. Everything about the one-touch function on the remote control.

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