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Lume Cube – Bluetooth LED Tough Spotlight

August 21, 2018 / no comments, on blog

Lume Cube – Bluetooth LED Light

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Hard to believe, a small Kickstarter company has released a handy light source in the format of the Gopro-SESSION with fabulous 1500 lm. After I read this message on the internet, I had to get this small cube with the edge lengths of 3x3x3 cm. The cube came in a typical gopro-like packaging, presumably to clarify which target group this product should be.


The Lume Cube is waterproof, made of metal and plastic. The metal case is of course also necessary to absorb the heat of the high-power LED sufficient. At the front is the heat-resistant quartz glass with diffuser-cut and lens. On the back of the Lume Cube can be charged with a micro-USB cable, all you have to do is remove the waterproof screw cover.

To operate the basic functions, you will find two waterproof push buttons on the top. These pushbuttons can be used to influence the most important properties. The ANDROID App of the Lume Cube offers you more control options (see later).

For assembly with other photo equipment, of course, the Lume Cube has a traditional Spigot connection on the bottom of the metal housing. This allows you to easily integrate this light source into your existing equipment.

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Color Temperature

The color temperature of the Lume Cube is rather unusual in the field of photography, because it is at very high 6000 K and is thus about 500 K above the system flashes. In flash photography and outdoor photography, one tends to encounter values ​​such as 5600 K or 5300 K.

The company offers various filter films and honeycombs for easier color matching, which will soon be on the market. Until then you have to make do with films from other manufacturers.

Tip: Of course, to avoid problems with mixed light, you can also use different color temperatures, but you must then limit to black and white photography.

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Light Characteristic

The Lume Cube is basically a tough spotlight, so the exact opposite of the soft beauty light that comes from a softbox. As a result, you get extremely hard shadows. You can also change this feature by steering the Lume Cube against a reflector indirectly on the subject or inserting it directly into a softbox. Although he loses a bit of light but you can compensate for this with a second Lume Cube.

However, the harsh light can also be very well used as a stylistic device, take a look at the images of the photo artist George Hurell, he has worked exclusively with hard light and became world famous.

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I would like to emphasize at this point, that the Lume Cube can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth from the phone, this is extremely useful if you use these light sources in different places in the light setup. The Lume Cube can be fully controlled remotely via the smartphone.

The cost-free APP from the Playstore gives you access to all the features of the cube: red-eye, brightness, on / off, syncron flash, flash output.

Note: Currently the app is limited to only 5 Lume Cubes, more is not possible with a smartphone. If you have two smartphones on the set you can control 10 Lume Cubes.

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Syncronblitz In The Shoot

I would also like to mention this function separately, because the Lume Cube can easily be used as Syncronblitz to your remaining equipment. It flashes at the same time when it detects a flash.

The power control of Syncronblitzes can only be adjusted via the ANDROID app. On the smartphone, you can then regulate the power and flash duration.

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