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Microsoft Surface Dock A Must Have Accessory

August 10, 2018 / no comments, on blog

The Microsoft Surface Dock

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In contrast to the docking station of the Surface Pro 3 , from the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft finally offers an extra dock, which is normally connected via the Surface Connector. This means that the device no longer needs to be squeezed into a holder, which I noticed as a plus point. Another advantage of the dock is that you can use it not only with the Surface Pro 4 , but also the Surface Pro 3 and the Surface Book . So here, luckily, Microsoft is not trying to sell extra equipment for every device.


The Technical Data of the Surface Dock

The connections of the Surface Dock are dealt with quickly, but in practice bring a tremendous added value. So it offers a total of four USB 3.0 ports, bringing you to a total of five – if you add the port on the Surface. Furthermore, a Gigabit Ethernet port is installed, which in some situations – an overloaded WLAN, for example – can be quite helpful. Also on board is a 3.5 mm jack output for connecting headphones or a small sound system. But my personal highlight is the two Mini-DisplayPorts, which can easily be used to control up to two 4K monitors. Of course, you can also connect “normal” monitors with a FullHD resolution. However, if these only have an HDMI connection, an adapter from HDMI to Mini-DisplayPort is required.


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The Surface Dock in Everyday Life

Actually, one could describe the Surface Dock in everyday life with one sentence. It reads as follows: It is a must-have accessory for the Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. Just the possibility to expand his device lightning fast with four USB 3.0 ports makes it something for me, which I will probably put on my desk soon. If you then use one or even two external monitors with it, the case should be clear. Even with Microsoft itself, you probably see it that way, which is why there were Bundles in the past with a Surface Pro 4 with TypeCover or the Surface Book, in which the US group settled the Surface Dock free of charge. What I also like in contrast to the dock of the Surface Pro 3, is the much smaller space consumption of the new model. Also, depending on the structure of the workplace, the power supply can hide nicely due to a long cable, so that only the surface dock is on the table. What stands out against the normal power supply, however, is the larger connector. This should be quite bearable in the functions that the Surface Dock offers.

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The conclusion to the Microsoft Surface Dock is actually consistently positive. I have noticed neither disadvantages nor problems in the test, which is why I highly recommend it. Even the price, the accessories are well worth it. Everything looks high-quality and with sophisticated functions behind it. In addition to its predecessor, Microsoft has not only created a better solution, but also offers Surface Book owners a use of the dock on their device. This was not possible with the old dock, since the surface connector is not attached to the tablet part of the device. However, if you do not need an Ethernet port, multiple USB ports and two additional Mini DisplayPorts, then the Surface Dock is of course unnecessary. But if you want to miss even one of the features, whichever it is, for the amount are a good investment to get even more out of this device.

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