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Microsoft Xbox One X The Most Powerful Game Console

May 17, 2018 / no comments, on blog

Microsoft Xbox One X

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Ultra HD and HDR compatibility (including Blu-Ray UHD), Dolby Atmos compatibility, level of detail and increased frame rate on some games, backward compatible with Xbox One games, some 360 ​​titles and Xbox, 1 TB storage

The Xbox One X credibly claims the title of the most powerful game console of all time, but the battle for your wallet will be tough, especially if you already have an Xbox One.

As soon as the Scorpio Project, the code name of the new Microsoft console, was announced, we were promised the most powerful machine of all, able to natively manage Ultra HD and HDR10.

The manufacturer also announced that multiplatform games would be improved for both performance and aesthetics, as well as for Xbox One titles. In addition, Microsoft ensured that the One X could use over-sampling to adapt a UHD signal to a 1080p TV so that users who do not have a 4K TV can still enjoy an improved image.

At the end of our essay, we can say that the claim to the title of “most powerful console in the world” is partly justified. But we are not sure that for now, it’s worth spending.

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Is Xbox One X better than Xbox One and One S?

On paper, the Xbox One X is light years away from the Xbox One in terms of power. The One S is a bit more advanced than the original model because it is compatible HDR and 4K. But the One X is superior in performance.

We have seen this by comparing the One X and One S side by side on the Gears of War 4 game (which has been optimized to exploit the capabilities of the new console) on two almost identical 4K TVs. The difference in sharpness and graphic detail is very obvious. It’s even day and night on some textures.

For us, the difference is most striking when it comes to improving the lighting that HDR brings into the explosion scenes. That said, once the HDR activated on the One S the gap between the two has dwindled.

Gears of War 4 offers a video option that allows you to choose between performance or visual rendering. It is likely that other titles will offer the same thing.

When we chose performance over graphics, we did not notice any difference between the two consoles on the static images. But once the action launched in a game, the One X began to rotate at 60 frames / second while the One S was hanging at 30 frames / second.

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Games Optimized For Xbox One X

The Xbox One X can run any Xbox One game, but we do not know exactly which titles will be eligible for optimization to exploit the capabilities of the new console. We can reasonably assume that this will be the case for games published by Microsoft but nothing is not guaranteed for third party games that have no obligation to do so. However, we already know that several flagship titles expected for the end of the year (Star Wars Battlefront II, Wolfenstein II, Call of Duty: WWII …) will be updated for the One X. Microsoft maintains a list of titles available or come.

As for the PS4 Pro , most games will benefit from one or more enhancements: higher or more stable framerate, HDR10 accounting, native Ultra HD (2.160p), improved textures.

And what about those who do not have a 4K TV? We tested Gears of War 4 and Quantum Break on a 1.080p TV with an Xbox One X by comparing with their original versions via an Xbox One S. At best the difference was minimal and almost imperceptible when playing. Is it worth changing for a One X in these conditions? Probably not.

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In Front of The PS4 Pro

There is no doubt that the Xbox One X is more powerful than the PS4 Pro. If the data sheet proves it, this does not translate into a clear superiority in the facts.

We made the comparison with Assassin’s Creed Origins on a One X and a PS4 Pro by asking several of our editorial colleagues to tell us if they perceived a difference. But no one has come forward to declare a winner. It may be objected that our comparison was only for a single title, but it is still a novelty that Microsoft sells us as “optimized Xbox One X” and the only available for both platforms at the time of this test.

There are still a few things the One X can do in addition to the PS4 Pro: UHD Blu-Ray playback and Dolby Atmos compatibility. But apart from that, from the point of functionality, the two consoles are very close.

Which Xbox to Choose?

Our advice for Xbox One X is the same as for the PS4 Pro: if you already have an Xbox One or a One S, no real reason to change. The improvements are there, but they hardly justify the expense. And even if you are about to buy your first Xbox, we can not really recommend the X rather than the S except to those who own a 4K TV and want to have the ultimate in class. The best option would be to wait until the console is offered with a game.

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The Xbox One X offers a lot of things similar to the PS4 Pro and currently it is difficult to decide between them clearly. A situation that makes a recommendation in favor of the One X very complicated, not only because it costs more, but also because the Sony console offers a library of exclusive and independent titles more attractive. Microsoft is struggling to position the Xbox One as something more than the home ground of Forza and Halo. Other exclusive titles are in the pipeline, including Crackdown 3 and Sea of ​​Thieves, but efforts to make it a truly original gaming console seem more and more futile, which explains the choice to focus the talk on ” best multiplatform experience “.

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