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Pill Pockets: Medication For Cat Without Any Stress

August 9, 2018 / no comments, on blog

Pill Pockets: Give Medication To a Cat Without Any Stress

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Giving medication to a cat is often not a particularly easy task. Hardly a cat likes to swallow and voluntarily take pills, but still tablets have to be administered to help.

This article is about how to help sick cats administer drugs. The fact is that hardly a tuber likes his pills voluntarily and like to swallow. With Pill Pockets , so special treats in which one can comfortably and comfortably hide the hated pills, so that she eats the animal with its contents, especially in the USA are the best of owners of cats and dogs. These little horses in the form of Pillpockets, Easypill or Easytabs are becoming increasingly popular and popular.

The Ultimate Challenge

Like a human being, every cat can always get sick with the most diverse diseases. Meanwhile, there are also numerous drugs for cats to help the sick animal and to assist in healing and recovery. Sometimes this requires the regular administration of medication in the form of tablets or pills. Unfortunately, very few cats are known to be very cooperative patients and willing drug eaters. Sometimes taking medications in cats is quite difficult.

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How Can I Get My Cat To Eat Tablet

There are many options and tricks for the cat to administer the medication. From the classic mouth, pill in, mouth and count to 10, to the ingenious invention of Pill Pockets or Easypills treats with pills hiding place. However, hardly any cats will voluntarily swallow their pills. Even though we humans know that it’s only for the best, the wayward Stubentiger usually does not necessarily see it that way. But it does not help, the pills have to be pure to help, no matter how.

Taking Cats Medication Requires a Cunning And a Lot of Patience

Every cat owner who has ever had to take care of a sick cat and also had to administer various medications certainly knows one or the other trick. But it is never easy and it is necessary for every cat to use his own strategies and techniques. No cat is the same. Here are a few ideas and tricks on how to successfully administer medication to your cat . Or rather, you can try to get the pills successfully into the cat and keep them in there as well.

Just hide the medicine in ready-made pill pockets. This is the easy and comfortable way to hide pills and give the cat stress free.

One of the most common ways of administering medication to the cat is the classic hide in the feed principle. Here you simply crush and grind the tablets to powder and then mix it into the food. This usually works fine, but some skeptical cats notice the ambush very well and only huff their noses. Moreover, in this type of drug administration is not always guaranteed that the entire necessary dosage is administered in the right time window. If the cat does not completely eat up its food, it may absorb fewer active substances than necessary. Furthermore, the effort to pulverize the pills regularly is quite high and it always depends on the type of pill.

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Hiding The Pills In Treats

Another option is to hide whole pills (or alternatively also minced ones) in treats. This little trick is already a bit more effective than the one mentioned above. With her it is worked out to slink the treat complete without pill completely. As far as the plan. However, it is also associated with some effort, because the tablets must be neatly hidden. Small tip: Never hide pills in the presence of the cat. They smell, from their own experience, the roast rather quickly and may spurn the otherwise beloved treat stubbornly.

Pill Pockets For Cats – Comfortable Drugs

A much simpler and more convenient solution is called pill pockets. Pill Pockets are already prepared treats in which pills can be easily hidden. So you can give your cat easier and stress-free drugs. For many cat owners this is the salvation. Depending on the drug, it is not always possible to crumble or dissolve it, so the ability to hide whole pills well in the Pill Pockets or Easypills. In general, the small treats are also well received by most cats and devoured as desired.

Also do not help the Pill Pockets, and it is allowed from the medication to crumble the pills, then try it by simply mixing the crumbled pill powder into some malt or vitamin paste and smearing it on the cat and around the mouth. Instinctively, the cat will begin to lick the paste. Of course, she also takes the active ingredients with her. Another option is to dissolve the crumbled powder in very little water and gently trickle the cat into the mouth with a small plastic syringe. But that requires, on the one hand, that the pills may be dissolved and, on the other hand, that the cat plays along with it. Cats usually do not like to be held in particular to get something in the mouth.

How can I get the tablet in my cat? This question asks each cat owner if the darling gets sick. Easy tricks help – useful tools like pill pockets or Easypills too.


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If Everything Does Not Help

Where we then already at the last possibility would be to give the cat pills. If all the tricks and fines do not help, we usually have no choice at all in getting the pills into the cat in a classic way. Means kitten hold on, mouth shut, pill in, shut up and wait until swallowed. But this should always be the last option. Very few cats like it. It is also important to be extra careful. We do not want to hurt the cat, nor do we have to bear deep scratches on our own. Never use force. Cats notice something like that and so the more medication is the more complicated. After all, we all just want the best for our darling.

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