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Ring Video Doorbell 2: The Doorbell Revolution

August 10, 2018 / no comments, on blog

Ring Video Doorbell 2: The Doorbell Revolution


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Heavy-duty buttons, unbearable door jingles followed by yawning waiting – delivery people know this. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 wants to relieve the suffering of the postman and pizza delivery man along with his partner Chime Pro. Whether the smart team brings the revolution of the doorbell, clarifies the test.

When looking at the current house entrances shows – too much has not been done on the doorbell market in recent years, apparently. Most households still rely on simple button-bell systems for their admission control. The fact that the Ring Video Doorbell 2 now finally wants to represent a smart alternative, makes the former pizza delivery heart beat faster. Survey has given him the smart doorbell and the additional device Chime Pro, a mixture of acoustic signal transmitter and wireless repeater , in the hand and promptly received the inquiry: “How expensive is it?”

A unique selling point of the bell. It is significantly more expensive than conventional button-bell systems, but also cheaper than modern bell systems , which usually have to be installed by a professional. For the mid-price, Ring customers from all over the world can take a look at their doorstep and, for example, provide a postman with a suitable place to post a video call. However, the door does not allow the keyless child to open the door remotely. Who is this ring compromise worth?


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Installation And Setup

To set up the Video Doorbell 2, you need to connect it to a Wi-Fi network. To do this, the smart doorbell proactively sends out its own WLAN network, into which you can dial in with your smartphone after downloading the ring app. Based on the illustrated, easy-to-understand instructions you set up the bell step by step in the WLAN of your apartment. This must send in the 2.4 gigahertz band, otherwise the smart bell button will remain inactive. If the ringer and the smartphone are together in a network, the first part of the simple setup is considered completed.

Then the doorbell wants to take a firm place next to your front door. Several back plates tilt them so that the camera points in the direction of the visitors. The manufacturer is particularly generous with the scope of delivery. In addition to two back plates, two front covers as well as printed instructions, there are even screwdrivers, various screws, a matching drill attachment and an attachable mini spirit level in the box.

A few holes later – no, a drill is not part of the package – the bell sits firmly in place. When attaching the battery, we hear a satisfied “click”. The external power supply should be charged beforehand via the included micro USB cable. According to the manufacturer, the large 6,040 milliamp battery provides the bell with power for six to twelve months. Of course, this depends on how much visit you receive. So that no one can put the bell out of action, you secure the battery by attaching a security screw. Rain and rarer weather conditions should survive the bell. Quite worry-free, however, you only operate the bell via the connection with the power supply of the old lever. Also for this are the appropriate cable. Then the recharging of the battery is eliminated and the bell triggers next to your smartphone and your usual bell alarm.

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In The Eye of the Video Bells

If one of your neighbors is interested in what you have installed next to the front door after installation , you will be promptly notified via push notification. For this purpose, the camera uses a motion detector, which is placed above the camera lens. So that now wobbling flowers or buzzing insects do not trigger the bell constantly, you restrict the movement zones via app.

If the curious neighbor presses the bell button again, Video Doorbell 2 confirms the request to your smartphone acoustically and via an LED ring. It also lights up when you answer the call. On the smartphone you can see the ringing thanks to wide-angle optics even if he is not directly in front of the bell. According to the manufacturer, you see the visitor even in 1080p , where the events on the doorstep in our test was played very pixelated.

The night vision mode of the bell worked perfectly in our test. With the infrared camera, you can see the silhouette of your visitor even at night. Thanks to a reliable brightness sensor, the smart doorbell automatically switches between day and night vision. A manual switch, if the sensor misjudges the lighting conditions but you are looking in vain.

As clearly annoying our meanwhile friendly received neighbors and we however, that both video picture as well as the audio transmission over WLAN connection showed a noticeable delay. Depending on the distance to the front door, you will hear conversations twice and you will probably run to the door instead of listening to the visitor via the smartphone.

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Improve Wireless Without Tools

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An attachment on the doorstep was therefore out of the question. In the test environment, we would have needed to attach the Video Doorbell 2 outside our front door. Thus, visitors would first have to ask for entry into the hallway, and then stand in front of the apartment door again in front of the video ringing. To solve this problem, the manufacturer offers the wireless repeater “Chime Pro”.

Loud Wireless Repeater Chime Pro

Expand the range of your Video Doorbell with the Ring Chime Pro. The small device fits into a standard 240-volt outlet and allegedly boosts your Wi-Fi signal to twice the distance. If you are hoping that your smartphone and laptop will be better connected when purchasing Chime Pro, you will be disappointed. The amplified signal is consumed exclusively by other ring devices. In addition, Chime Pro acts as an acoustic signal generator, which is activated when his partner. Once again, the device is set up via the interplay of two WLAN networks and via the ring app. Dial in, set up, done.

Excited we went on a reconnaissance tour through the already known stairwell. Shortly after the original connection threshold, the disillusionment: The distance was only extended by a few meters. The problem: To extend the range to twice the distance, the Chime Pro must be placed on the edge of the existing WLAN radius .

So in an apartment building he would have to be placed in the middle of the common hallway, where he would loudly cringe at every ringing. Although the chime notifications can be turned off, most hallways do not even have public outlets. If there was a power source here, we would not want to place the relatively expensive device unobserved in the common room anyway. A clever backup function, such as the screw to secure the battery in the Video Doorbell, she looks at the Chime Pro in vain. For use in multi-family houses, the Video Doorbell 2 by Ring is therefore not suitable.

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Control Center “Ring-App”


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Once you have successfully completed the setup of your ring ecosystem here, you hardly have to take the two Ring devices into your own hands. Mainly you serve the new information system of your married home via the ring app. With this you manage all ring devices, receive video calls or select the desired notifications.

The transmission of the videos on our test device with Android operating system also worked when we were outside the Wi-Fi network. The connection took place directly over the Internet and did not remain locally in the own home net. Are you at work or even on vacation, you can keep the entrance area of ​​your home by smartphone at any time in view – Video Doorbell is watching always.

If you have accidentally left your smartphone at home, you can also access the camera from the Internet when you subscribe to the Ring Protect plans. Instead of a mere live stream you are allowed to save the events in front of your house in a cloud. The videos record the ring when the motion detector is triggered and when the bell button is pressed.

In terms of subscriptions, the manufacturer differentiates between “Protect Basic” plans for just a single camera and “Protect Plus” for an unlimited number of Ring devices. The extended subscription adds a lifetime warranty and an unlimited number of supported devices in addition to cloud storage and the subsequent viewing and sharing of videos.

Good Idea: The Neighborhood Ring

However, your surveillance system will only really mature if you invite immediate neighbors to the Ring app. This gives them access to the connection to the ring security system. But for the residents in the house, this feature is very important. Without the merger of several devices, apart from the sound of the bell in battery mode itself, there is no notification inside the house – unless you buy a chime device for video ringing or install the bell to the existing Schell of your house.

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For Whom is The Ring Ecosystem Worthwhile?

Being able to greet a potential visitor on your doorstep from anywhere is sure to be appealing to many users. We advise family fathers who do not want to trust their child the door key, but to a more expensive alternative. Although they can watch their waiting child on the doorstep from almost anywhere, they have to send in case of emergency, but by video call to the neighbors.

The security features of the digital doorbell can also help the worried family man to sleep more peacefully. A motion detector reliably detects activities on the doorstep like in a surveillance camera and sends them to the connected smartphone. The intruder is then made clear only by an inconspicuous light, that the motion detector of the bell was activated. Depending on the dangerous nature of the troublemaker, the police can be called directly or only a warning voice announcement can be given.



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