Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie

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Hamilton Seashore Countertop Oven with Convection & Rotisserie 31100 Small sufficient to suit to your kitchen counter, however {large enough|big sufficiently big} that can assist you get


Hamilton Seashore Countertop Oven with Convection & Rotisserie 31100

Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven with Convection & Rotisserie 31100

Small sufficient to suit to your kitchen counter, however {large enough|big sufficiently big} that can assist you get ready for any meal or birthday party, the Hamilton Seashore Countertop Oven with Convection & Rotisserie boasts complete-measurement oven Efficiency in compact, power-environment friendly shape.

Designed with each kitchen taste and practicality in thoughts, the Countertop Oven with Convection & Rotisserie is moveable and countertop handy. It is filled with flexible cooking Choices that vary from baking desserts to crisping cookies to broiling salmon to roasting a whole 5 lb. Rooster, roast or red meat. There is no wish to spend additional time cooking separate meals for the pickier ones, both. The Huge inside and adjustable cooking racks supply double the distance for cooking a couple of meals without delay.

What’s extra, this oven is perfect for any individual, any place and each time. It could actually substitute the microwave for your workplace, be offering simple cooking get right of entry to for the aged, serve as a staple for rental dwellers or supply snack fanatics with a little bit brought deal with.


  1. Uses forty nine% much less power than an ordinary kitchen oven
  2. Extra-huge capability comprises 12″ pizzas, nine”x13″ casseroles, cake pans, sheets of cookies or a 5 lb. chicken
  3. Easy-blank, nonstick oven interior
  4. Includes oven racks, huge tooth-covered baking pan, small baking pan and broil rack
  5. Broil rack additionally stacks straight away on small baking pan for roasting meats
  6. Includes rotisserie equipment: rotisserie Raise and forks with rod (skewer) Slide-out, complete-width crumb/drip tray
  7. Easy-to-learn temperature dial on entrance keep watch over panel may also be adjusted to favored or pre-set temperatures
  8. Easy-to-learn serve as dial on entrance keep watch over panel may also be adjusted to 4 pre-programmed settings: BAKE, CONVECTION, BROIL, ROTISSERIE
  9. Power indicator gentle
  10. 2-hour cooking timer with audible tone and automated shutoff

Gives You the Number of Bake, Convection, Broil or Rotisserie

Don’t need to warmth up all the kitchen or slave away over a sizzling burner? No sweat – the Hamilton Seashore Countertop Oven supplies Further capability for 2d oven comfort in addition to 4 how one can prepare dinner: BAKE, CONVECTION, BROIL and ROTISSERIE.

Doubles Your Baking Choices with Convection Technology

A nine”x13″ baking pan may also be present in such a lot kitchens in North The usa, used for making the whole lot from lasagna to truffles. Now not Simplest does this oven are compatible nine”x13″ pans without delay, not like standard ovens with out convection era, the Countertop Oven with Convection comes totally provided. As a substitute of getting warmth come from only one vital house and no fan to “stir-up” or flow into air lightly everywhere, this oven’s convection era makes use of a most sensible and backside heating component and a integrated fan to distribute warmth lightly for a uniform temperature. That approach, bakers can choose from conventional baking – perfect for cupcakes, desserts and comfortable baked items – or convection baking – perfect for a crispy pizzas, cookies and even taquitos.

For gentle and fluffy comfortable baked items like cupcakes, desserts or pastries, apply those BAKE instructions. For crispier meals like pizzas or cookies, use CONVECTION BAKE, which forces extra air to flow into within the oven, so meals will prepare dinner quicker on the related oven temperature:

  1. Before environment to BROIL, position meals straight away on small baking pan or on broil rack stacked straight away on small baking pan and position in oven. DO NOT PREHEAT.
  3. Set FUNCTION to BROIL. Be aware: Simplest higher heating components will probably be on in BROIL mode.
  4. BROIL: Rotate Timer earlier 40 mins, then to favored broiling time or rotate to STAY ON.
  5. Note: Flip meals while browned or midway thru cooking time.

For roasted Rooster, red meat roast or red meat roast, apply those ROTISSERIE instructions:

  1. Before environment to ROTISSERIE, slide huge covered baking pan in lowest rack position.
  2. Tie Rooster and massive items of meat tightly with cotton string to forestall meat from hitting baking pan. For further instructions, seek International Huge Internet on “The right way to Truss a Rooster for Rotisserie.”
  3. Insert Rotisserie rod lengthwise into heart of meat, and insert rotisserie forks on rod lengthwise into decrease backside part of meat. Ensure that meat is focused lightly among rotisserie rod and fork ends, and tighten screws on rotisserie forks.
  4. Manually insert pointed finish of rod conserving Rooster into oven rotisserie insert, rotating the rod as had to are compatible after which position sq. finish of rod into fit in bracket on left aspect.
  7. BAKE: Rotate Timer earlier 40 mins, then set Timer to favored time or rotate to STAY ON.

Note: Simplest higher heating components will probably be on right through ROTISSERIE mode.

  • To take away cooked meat from oven, position rotisserie Raise with hooks underneath rotisserie rod. Raise and slide rotisserie rod to the left and take away from oven.
  • Place meat on a blank floor to chill relatively, and the use of oven mitts, unscrew rotisserie forks and take away rotisserie rod.
  • Slide meat onto slicing floor or serving tray ahead of carving.

Makes Leftovers Scrumptious and Appealing

Too drained to prepare dinner or plan out your subsequent meal? No issues – resorting to leftovers for dinner does not need to imply a gentle or unexciting meal any more. In reality, this oven easily caters in your demanding agenda. Merely set from three hundred° to 350° to briefly reheat biscuits, leftover roasts or casseroles and set to a hundred and fifty° to stay meals heat at the same time as you are looking forward to visitors to reach or busy multitasking.

Full-Efficiency Ovens Most well-liked Over Toaster Ovens

Significant numbers of American customers use their toaster ovens for extra than simply toast, and plenty of also are consuming at house to save cash, devour more fit and take care of {ingredients|meals}. Glance no further, the Hamilton Seashore Countertop Oven with Convection & Rotisserie combines some of these options into one. With an additional-huge capability to suit a whole meal for a circle of relatives of 4, further BROIL settings for the well being-mindful and providing 4 how one can prepare dinner, this equipment satisfies the palate, the vitamin and the finances.

Easy Cleanup

The complete-width crumb/drip tray slides out from the entrance, permitting simple washing. For the most efficient oven Efficiency, cleansing will have to be performed often. Unplug first and make allowance oven to chill ahead of inside and external cleansing. For inside cleansing: wipe oven partitions, backside tray and glass door with a moist, soapy fabric, however Don’t scratch or harm heating component tube. Repeat with a moist, blank fabric. All detachable portions will have to be hand washed in heat, soapy water as neatly. For cussed inside stains, use a plastic scouring pad. For external cleansing: wipe oven partitions with a moist fabric, however Don’t use abrasive cleansers or steel scouring pads; this will scrape/scratch the skin.


Before cooking with the oven, at all times PREHEAT for about 5 mins. Take a look at pan producer’s instructions for oven-protected ranking. Don’t duvet the crumb/drip tray or any a part of the oven in aluminum foil (reasons overheating); alternatively, use of aluminum foil to partly duvet casseroles or a few meals is appropriate. Consult with foodsafety.gov for extra protected cooking temperature knowledge.

Further huge capability suits tw 12 inch pizzas, 9×13 casseroles or cakepans.
Contains cooking racks, baking pans, broiler racks and rotisserie equipment.
Bake and broil with hour timer settings.
Revolving rotisserie meat self bastes because it turns-suits a 5lb Rooster.
Convection environment bakes quicker and extra lightly than conventional oven.

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