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YAMAHA YAS-107 Soundbar With 3D Sound

July 20, 2018 / no comments, on blog

YAMAHA YAS-107 Soundbar


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Overwhelming Soundscape.

World’s first use of DTS Virtual X . 3D surround sound like you’ve never heard before. This one device is enough to create sounds that radiate down from the ceiling – like the sound of falling rain or a passing spaceship. Immerse yourself in the unique breathtaking world of your favorite movies, concert videos and games as if you were really live.

Even if your sources are not 3D surround sound compatible, you’ll enjoy an enhanced multi-dimensional listening experience thanks to a special “up-mix” feature.


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Overwhelming Sound That You Control From The Wrist

Stream your favorite music directly from your smartphone with convincing wireless quality. The YAS-107 automatically expands the high-pitched range of compressed music sources (such as MP3) and deepens the mid and low frequencies, giving you exceptionally vibrant and warm sound quality, very close to the original.

Only A Remote Control

If your TV is HDMI-CEC compliant, you can turn the power on / off, switch between inputs, adjust the volume, and easily perform other operations in combination with your TV – all with just one remote control.

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Control By Fingertip

If you want to go further, there’s a HOME-THEATER CONTROLLER app that gives you clever controls in a beautiful, intuitive and easy-to-understand design. Choose the content you want to play, tune the sound quality perfectly, or turn the device on or off – all conveniently with your fingertip on your smartphone.

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Five Surround Sound Modes

With this special app you can make optimal sound settings for five different sound modes that are optimally programmed for different applications: TV programs, movies, music, sports and games.

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