Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon Cloud Cam: Simple Yet Effective

Amazon Cloud Cam: A Simple, Effective And Cheap Security Camera

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Clear and sharp 1080p video stream, fast notifications, 24-hour free storage

Amazon’s Cloud Cam is affordable, reliable and easy to use. But it’s mostly free cloud storage that makes it more attractive than other Nest and other security cameras.

Here are the top five reasons to choose Amazon’s Cloud Cam security camera:

  1. Free cloud storage;
  2. Easy installation;
  3. Reliable performance;
  4. Simple application;
  5. Affordable.

Of course, the Amazon Cloud Cam is not the only security camera to have these assets, but it’s the only one to bring them all together. It works well, requires a minimum of effort and does not cost too much.

However, this first security camera signed Amazon is not perfect. There is no local storage and you have to subscribe to a cloud subscription to access the motion detection zones and people alerts. But we challenge you to find another camera that does live in HD without sacrificing something important at this price level. For the moment, the Cloud Cam is only available in the United States.

For years, security camera manufacturers have been inspired by Dropcam Pro, which has appealed to consumers for its HD video feed, intuitive application and permanent cloud storage available for a monthly subscription. In 2014, Dropcam was taken over by Nest and Dropcam Pro gave way to Nest Cam Indoor. But fortunately, the design and performance of the Dropcam have been passed down to the next generations of Nest cameras and have made their reputation.

The Cloud Cam is not as robust as the Nest Cameras. Its finish is more “plastic”, it has no magnetic base and it is less easy to find the right angle with his arm mounted on a kneecap. But it offers a lot of features, settings and options for the Nest for less. This includes free 24-hour cloud storage.

Nest Cam has a few great assets: a wide field of view, a web application, 24-7 video storage (Nest Aware subscription required), audio alerts, and better home automation integration. But Cloud Cam is cheaper, it offers 24-hour video storage (against a free 3-hour still image history for Nest). His subscription offer starts. The disadvantage of this free offer is that the Cloud Cam is devoid of local storage. We must accept the idea that your videos are saved only on the cloud of Amazon Web Services.

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The installation

The configuration of the Cloud Cam took us less than 5 minutes. We download the Cloud cam application for Android or iOS, we identify with his Amazon account if we have one or we create a new one. We connect the camera that is laid flat or can be attached to the wall with the kit provided. It must of course be to wear a plug.

Launch the application and an “Add Camera” screen will ask you if your Cloud Cam is in association mode (the Led indicator flashes in green and blue). Select “camera in association mode” at the bottom of the screen, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on and the app should discover your mobile. If you have difficulty, reset the camera using a paper clip using the button on the back.

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In use

Customers are eligible for a 30-day trial of all paid features, including the ability to set motion detection areas and receive alerts when a person’s presence is detected.

Alerts can be customized to receive them as they occur, or once a day or never. It is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection for which it operates at more or less long range. We opted for real-time alerts with the maximum sensitivity level. Motion and people detection worked very well and the clips saved the activity in its entirety, which ranged from 10 seconds to four minutes.

There is also an “absent / present” feature that allows the camera to automatically turn off when it detects the presence of your phone and return to service when you leave the home. It works pretty well but you have to allow the Cloud Cam to constantly access the location of your phone.

The camera is also natively compatible with Alexa voice assistant via Echo Show connected speakers, Echo Spot as well as the HDMI Fire TV key and Fire tablets. With screened devices, you can ask Alexa to show you the video feed of the Cloud Cam. We tested the function with a Fire TV Stick without any problem. Other brands like Ring (bought by Amazon), Nest, August or Netgear also offer integration with Alexa.

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There is not much to blame the Cloud Cam. This security camera is affordable, offers good performance. It is easy to use and offers many features without having to subscribe to the cloud subscription. Keeping it simple, Amazon has managed to create a very successful product that we recommend without hesitation. We just regret the lack of internal storage. It’s all about Amazon Web Services cloud servers, but it works incredibly well.

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