Best 2018 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Best 2018 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – Comparison, Tests, Reviews

Finally, you convinced your spouse to buy a robot vacuum cleaner!

Yes, but it’s up to you to choose the model and show it really changes your life. So no question of deceiving you when ordering.

And I understand you well. There are so many different models, and so much novelty. Just yesterday, I discovered a new model that looks extraordinary (but at what price …).

So, in order to help you with the Best 2018 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (and to allow me the first to buy my mother’s birthday present), I’ve put together a comparison on robot vacuum cleaners and especially a buying guide , not for tell you which robot vacuum cleaner to choose, but rather allow you to find it yourself according to your needs.

Neato BotVac Connected D Series



Neato BotVac Connected D Series-min

Vacuum Neato BotVac Connected D Series is a nice design model of Best 2018 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. It is equipped with two cleaning modes. ECO mode allows a more silent and efficient cleaning power consumption. It’s the perfect way to operate your robot in your absence. TURBO mode is louder, faster, but also more powerful. This is the mode that suits to catch all the pet hair. And, in one case as in the other, it works on all floors (floor, laminate, tile, carpet).

Its shape and its detection of obstacles make a smart robot that forgets no space of the room. It avoids trying to come through under the furniture too low for him (unless they are the same size as him to 0.50 cm) and he spends closer to the walls with its shape. At the end of its cleaning, it returns to its base. He is also returns before ending up without battery then resumes his household where he was.

If the perfect remote is the Smartphone, it also works without. The app allows to schedule regular sessions of running and then not really to think about.

iRobot Roomba 650

36 cm of efficiency


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iRobot Roomba 650-min


If it was up to me, the vacuum Roomba 650 would be in first place! I love the roomba and their round shape that makes them so effective. This model is equipped with a small brush to dislodge dirt in the corners and edges.

With a size of 36 cm in diameter and 9.2 cm high, it is easy to slip anywhere. He makes sure to go through the room. Besides, it goes so everywhere that it is possible to install a virtual barrier to prevent it from leaving a given space. On the other hand if it officially works on all the grounds , in reality it does not appreciate the carpets and the carpets with long hair.

The other advantage to me of this robot is that it works and programs alone. No need, for once of our smartphone, to whom we can offer a few minutes of rest. It is possible to program it to get going every day. Or, just press the central button to start cleaning immediately.

It runs for 60 minutes before recharging on its own and this is also a best 2018 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

Dirt Devil M607 SPIDER



Dirt Devil M607 SPIDER-min

This is the best 2018 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner selling amazon because of its price and its simplicity. It must be said that there are not many robots vacuuming less than 100 $

Of course at this price, we do not have all the options of previous models, but we have the essential. That is to say that the Dirt Devil M607 SPIDER robot will suck the hard floors of your home (and the empty carpets).

To use it, you have to take care of loading it yourself on the sector (4 hours of charge for 1 hour of autonomy ). Then press a button to start it.He will then begin a cycle of three programs : random trajectories, concentric spirals and finally walls and edges. This allows him to go almost anywhere. On the other hand, it does not go out on its own and starts the cycle again when it has finished, until it uses all its battery.

To avoid damaging your furniture, it has a silicone anti-collision band . It also detects voids and is not likely to tip over the stairs. LEDs inform about the state of the robot, its load and the need or not to empty it.


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What is a robot vacuum cleaner?

But what exactly is a robot vacuum cleaner? The question is legitimate, because on some commercial sites, this category sometimes gathers disparate products.

A robot vacuum cleaner is a device that will move alone to suck dust on the ground. It saves time (you do not vacuum), but also to have a cleaner house, because it is easy to get started every day.

Many brands of home appliances offer Best 2018 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, here are the main: Neato Robotics, Vorwerk, Irobot, Ecovacs, Samsung, LG, etc.

Why buy a vacuum cleaner?

A robot vacuum cleaner saves time and energy . A programmable model can even clean in your absence, thus avoiding the noise it emits.

This often seems like a gadget, but once you have tried one, you can not go back!

How to use a vacuum cleaner?

In general just click on one button to launch the device. But today many of them are programmable. You can therefore program the robot to start cleaning every day at the same time, even during your absence.

Or, for some models, you can start it with your smartphone or a remote control.

In the majority of cases, the robot will then return to its base at the end of its work.

The different types of robot vacuum cleaners

It is generally considered that there are two types of robot vacuums: intelligent vacuums (also called methodical) and random vacuums. These terms refer to their way of moving.

① Methodical vacuum cleaners evaluate the surface to be cleaned and move in an organized manner to pass once everywhere. They are faster, the cleaning is complete and they can clean an area of ​​up to 250 m². In general, they have a fairly short autonomy, up to 1 h 30 max.

② Random vacuums move in all directions and therefore several times in the same place, with the risk of missing some spaces. They are therefore less rapid and can only work on an area of ​​60 m² maximum. By cons they have a range of up to 3 hours.


What I like :

the possibility to program and then to do nothing 
obstacle detectors 
reasonable electricity consumption often available

What I do not like :

the price of the most advanced models


Now, you have everything you need to buy the perfect robot vacuum, the one that suits the size of your home and your family. And especially if you flash on a model promo, do not hesitate too much, the price changes too fast for my taste.

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