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What Things to Look Before Buying a Refrigerator

September 26, 2018 / no comments, on blog

Refrigerator – What to Look Before Buying The refrigerator is an indispensable appliance for storing and preparing food in the kitchen. There are different types of refrigerators, many are the functions of the refrigerators and different are the internal accessories with which they can be equipped. Choosing the right model for this appliance is therefore […]

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dog food

How to Choose the Best Food for Your Dog

September 23, 2018 / no comments, on blog

Want to know how to choose the best food for your dog? Congratulations, you are a responsible boss!   Although cost is an important factor for dog owners, most people realise that buying good quality food saves them money in the long run. Cheaper food is cheaper because food companies use poor quality ingredients. Buying […]

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cant lose weight

Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Asking Yourself This Question?

September 17, 2018 / no comments, on Weight Loss

Why Can’t I Lose Weight? If You Ask Yourself This Question, This Article Is for You! Why can’t I lose weight? This question arises in the minds of most people in the world. Unfortunately, that is the brutal truth. Modern society is greasy, dull, sick, without energy. By appropriate manipulation, slowly deprived of independent thinking, […]

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low carb diet

Slimming Without Carbohydrates – Get to Know the Low Carb Diet!

September 13, 2018 / no comments, on blog, Weight Loss

Carbohydrate-free weight loss – Learn more about low-carbohydrate nutrition! A low carbohydrate diet is a healthy way to lose weight quickly. It is also proven among professional athletes in the period of fat tissue reduction. What is a low carb diet? What should be in the menu? Does it really work? What is low carb […]

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vegetable juicer

How to Choose The Best Juicer for Solid Fruit and Vegetables: What to Look for

September 3, 2018 / no comments, on blog

The best juicer for solid fruit and vegetables. Vegetable juicers are essential for those who adhere to the principles of healthy eating and prepare freshly squeezed juices. When selecting a juicer, consider the following factors: how often you will use it; what type of product is preferred; additional functions available. Which juicers should I choose […]

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finding right headphone

Top Tips: How to Find the Right Headphones – The Best Advice

August 27, 2018 / no comments, on blog

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Headphones The headphone is your faithful friend who fills your life and ears with fat music. We help you to find the perfect sound partner among the many possibilities. Earphones used to be just something you wore on your head or in your ears and wired to your […]

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Zoom Q2n

Zoom Q2n Mobile Video Recorder: Films in Full HD

August 24, 2018 / no comments, on blog

Zoom Q2n Mobile Video Recorder Zoom, the Japanese mobile phone recorder specialist, is just in time, the successor to the Q2n, successor to the mobile video recorder Q2 HD. The Q2n films in Full HD with 1080p and has a built-in XY stereo microphone. The Zoom Q2n delivers the coveted YouTube videos for musicians – […]

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Sony E 18-105mm F4 G OSS PZ

Sony E 18-105mm F4 G OSS PZ (SEL-P18105G)

August 24, 2018 / no comments, on blog

Sony E 18-105mm F4 G OSS PZ (SEL-P18105G)   With the 18-105 mm F4 G OSS PZ, Sony has a practical full-range universal zoom for its mirrorless system cameras with e-bayonet and APS-C sensor. It thus lends itself as an everyday companion for the Alpha 5000, 5100 and 6000. In addition, this lens is predestined […]

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Sigma 50-100mm F1.8, 30mm F1.4 and E-mount Adapter

August 24, 2018 / no comments, on blog

Sigma 50-100mm F1.8, 30mm F1.4 and E-mount Adapter 2016-02-23 With the 50-100mm F1.8 DC HSM Art, Sigma announces a high-intensity zoom lens for APS-C sensors that aims to replace many fixed focal lengths. It is a supplement to the 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM type, even if the focal length range is not directly connected. With […]

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Kodak Playsport

Kodak Playsport – Waterproof FullHD Pocket Camera

August 24, 2018 / no comments, on blog

Kodak Playsport – Waterproof FullHD Pocket Camera Our current test candidate is the Kodak Playsport Pocket Camcorder. From the optics Kodak Playsport reminds of a mixture of digital camera and mobile phone. The very compact video camera can record videos with a resolution of up to 1080p (FullHD) and creates photos with a resolution of […]

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