Canon EF-S 24mm

Canon EF-S 24mm f / 2.8 STM Lens

Canon EF-S 24mm f / 2.8 STM

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Why Do You Actually Need a 24mm Lens?

The 24mm STM is built for crop cameras. Due to the EF-S construction, it protrudes further into the camera. Converted to full-frame is thus a 38mm lens. And what does one need such a focal length for?

In my opinion, this lens is well suited for street, landscape and architecture. But actually it can be used for all purposes.

Why Do I Like This Focal Length So Much?

A few years ago, I photographed temporarily with a medium format camera, a Pentacon Six TL . It was the usual 80mm lens. At that time, I tried out exactly what focal length corresponds to my former 450D crop camera, if I crop the digital image of it to a square aspect ratio.

After my tests, I found out that I get the same angle with 24mm on the 450D.

I like to be limited only to this focal length and to be able to shoot in a similar way to medium format. That was also a reason why I liked the Fuji X100T with its 23mm lens so much back then.

It is a very original photograph for me, because it is not a wide angle, but also no 50mm. It absorbs the world without effect. It does not lie. That does not make it easier here or there, but it’s very honest. That’s why I like 24mm as focal length on a crop camera.

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Valuable, Small And Lightweight – Handling & Processing

The lens is well made and looks valuable. Nothing rattles. The bayonet is made of metal, incredibly small and light. This makes the lens-camera combo very comfortable to carry and carry. It is a piece of carefree photography.

When focusing, the front does not rotate, which makes the use of a polarizer much more pleasant. The minimum focusing distance is only 16 cm, which makes the lens very versatile.

Excursus: What Is a Pancake Lens?

The pancake lens is a lens with a particularly flat design. This is possible because it is almost always a fixed focal length that is not excessively bright. This makes the construction of the lens relatively easy.

Image Quality – How Sharp Is The 24mm STM?

The image quality of the Canon EF-S 24mm f / 2.8 STM is at a good level. The middle of my copy is already open at aperture 2.8 good, the corners are good from 5.6. For the best sharpness I use this lens at aperture 8.0 on my Canon EOS 700D .

The lens has a strong vignetting. This means that the corners at 2.8 appear much darker than the center. While some tests criticize that, I do not think it’s a bad idea because it’s easy to correct in post-processing. It can also be used as an “artistic” effect.

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Light Intensity & Bokeh

The 24mm STM is bright enough for most situations, with an aperture of 2.8. Who hopes for a lot of bokeh, I have to disappoint unfortunately. 24mm at Crop at 2.8 already has a relatively high depth of field. So to create bokeh at all, you have to approach very close to its motive. But when you get into the situation, the appearance of the blurred areas is pleasant.

Focus Speed & Volume Of The STM Motor

The 24mm pancake is equipped with a stepper motor aka STM. The focus speed I would call normal. You definitely hear the focus, but it’s not unpleasant. My EF-S 18-55mm IS STM, however, is much faster and quieter.

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It makes photographing physically easier due to its size and light weight. Whether you have the focal length, you have to try it yourself. With sharpness and image quality, I am satisfied. All in all a clear recommendation from me. I really like the medium format feel with this lens.

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