Canon EOS 800D

Canon EOS 800D Offers Good Photo And Video Quality

Canon EOS 800D: A good SLR


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The EOS 800D offers good photo and video quality and respectable performance all in a proven housing

The EOS 800D is a good choice for those who want to let go of their compact and discover the joys of Reflex.

The EOS 800D (named EOS Rebel T7i in the US) is the first significant evolution of this series since the 550D in 2010. Its successor the 750D had received a new image sensor and autofocus in 2015, but it was more than one transition. With the 800D, Canon begins a change in continuity with a digital SLR that offers photo quality identical to previous models but works a little faster. It still does not compete with the Nikon D5600 for image quality or burst mode speed, but it still has the edge for video autofocus. You can find the EOS 800D with a 18-55mm lens.

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A Case That Has Proven Itself

The 800D case has not changed, but it finally gets the Dual Pixel CMOS sensor, a three-year old technology with integrated phase-detection autofocus found on almost all Canon interchangeable lens models. But the sensor is the same as that of the EOS 80D with a new Digic 7 latest-generation image processing processor.

Unlike Nikon, Canon still uses anti-aliasing filters that tend to slightly reduce curbs. Nikon photos are much clearer, especially since Canon’s automatic white balance is not very effective in cloudy conditions.

Although the photos of the 800D suffer from a side-by-side comparison, we can say that taken apart they will be very suitable for most users, especially if the images are consumed on a mobile terminal. The colors are bright, the skin tones correct and the dynamic range is at the height of this category of device. Like most midrange entry-level SLRs, the default settings tend to magnify contrasts, losing detail in the brightest and darkest areas.

If you work in raw, you will be able to draw a lot of details of the zones under exposed but not so much in the overexposed zones. Again, this is typical of models in this category. You can shoot until ISO 3200 without lamenting noises or artifacts.

The camera is fast for basic holiday and child action photography, but you will not have auto focus or auto exposure. The 800D gets pretty good low light, but the autofocus is still slower in these conditions. However you should not notice it, especially since it depends on the objective. Like the 80D, the 800D’s live view has good performance, barely slower than an optical viewfinder.

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A New Interface

Although the case has not evolved since the 750D, Canon inaugurates a new interface more modern and pleasant. The options are the same but there is more explanation in the form of a guide menu that appears in a separate window.

The case is classic for a SLR, comfortable to take in hand, but a little big compared to the Nikon D5600 or other hybrid models. The feeling of robustness is there despite the finish a little plastic. There are direct access for most functions and a wide range of autofocus options including selectable areas. It is compatible with wireless flash control. However, there is no Ultra HD video mode as is the case for most entry-level DSLRs.

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Canon has continued to improve this model since 2009, which remains a good SLR expert but not exceptional. Unless you have specific speed needs to capture action scenes or look for a more qualitative finish, you will not regret your choice if you opt for the 800D.

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