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Drone DJI Spark In An Ultra Compact Format

June 2, 2018 / no comments, on blog

Drone DJI Spark

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The most space-saving, lightweight, excellent mechanically stabilized camera, USB charging, obstacle detection, gesture controls, takes great pictures and aerial videos

The DJI Spark offers everything you can expect from a camera drone in an ultra compact format.

When it was presented last May, the Spark of DJI, it immediately made forget all the other mini drones dedicated to the aerial self-portraits or “dronies”. In fact, it takes many features of the Mavic Pro in a chassis about the size of a soda can: obstacle detection, dual-band GPS, hovering up to 30 meters in height to outside and inside. Another strong point in front of the competition, the full HD camera is mounted on a stabilized platform with two axes, which confers a great fluidity without altering the quality of image. DJI has also advanced its gesture control system.

DJI offers a kit Fly More which includes propeller protections, a battery, a pair of propellers, the remote control, a bag and a charging station. It is a valid option for those who would like to do something other than dronies.

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Take Off Immediately!

For novices, this very compact drone with a colorful hull (white, blue, yellow, red, green) is much less intimidating than other models. We take it out of the box and fly it without having to learn to fly first. The gesture control system contributes enormously to this simplicity.

Just take the drone, hold it with the camera in front of you and double-press the power button. The camera scans your face and focuses on it then takes off (watch out for the fingers!) And hovers in front of you.

To maneuver it, you have to raise your palm in front of the camera and wait for the indicator lights to turn green. You can then move your hand up or down so that drone goes up or down or right to left to move it horizontally. Shake your hand like saying “goodbye” and the Spark goes away to follow you in your movements. He can even take off and land on the palm of his hand. Form a frame using your thumbs and indexes and the drone will take a picture. Too bad we can not do the same to record a video. Remembering all the gestural controls takes a little time, but that is nothing compared to what you have to learn to take a simple selfie with a drone.

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Some Limits

As attractive as it is, the system of gestural controls is still limited for the moment. This is enough to make dronies, but it can not be used for video or animations.

If you want to do more, it’s possible. To do this, you need to connect your Android or iOS smartphone to the Wi-Fi signal emitted by the Spark and use the application DJI Go 4. You can then do almost the same as with a drone Phantom or Mavic Pro except that all the controls are virtual. And there is so much information on the screen that it makes driving a little more difficult. It’s better to use pre-programmed QuickShot flight scenarios that will do the maneuvering necessary to take pictures and videos. The clips are downloaded to the smartphone, you can add music and share them. Also note that the range of the connection between the mobile and the drone does not exceed 100 meters distance and 50 meters altitude.

If you want to free yourself from these restrictions, you will need to invest in the Spark remote control. You insert your smartphone into the accessory and associate it with the drone. There, you will have total control over the device with a 720p quality view transmitted by the camera up to 2 km theoretical distance. In practice, the video signal will be lost before this distance, around 900 m.

If you have already driven a quadrocopter drone, you will be very comfortable. As a bonus, the smartphone screen is released to make room for flight information and shooting tools. Not to mention that you have a camera control and can activate the sport mode to fly at 50 km / h. What turn this Spark into “mini racer” assisted.

However, we must consider the additional expense with regard to autonomy which is not huge. DJI announces 16 minutes in favorable conditions without wind and at a constant speed of 20 km / h. In actual use, autonomy is closer to 14 minutes. This is not bad for a drone of this size, but it makes the long range offered by the remote a little less useful. An extra battery and we recommend buying at least one. You should know that the Spark is the first drone of the brand to be recharged via USB. Convenient to travel and it also allows to use a portable battery to recharge between flights.

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The Spark incorporates some of the brand’s flagship technologies into a smaller format and a more affordable price. His camera is excellent especially against what the competition offers. But the reason for its price is that you buy the drone alone. This is an aspect to consider if you plan to do more than self-portraits. The remote control brings a real plus for the piloting and is worth to increase the range. But if it’s your priority and you want even better photo and video quality, then save a little money to pay for the Mavic Pro .

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