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Fitbit Ionic Is a smartwatch with GPS, Heart Monitor And Curious Design

December 21, 2017 / no comments, on blog

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Review

No smartwatch has become a sales phenomenon, but that does not mean that this type of device is doomed to failure, right? Well, Fitbit thinks so: after almost a year of rumors , the company has announced the Ionic , smart watch that arrives with the mission to face Apple Watch and models based on Android Wear.

fitbit ionic

To face such heavy competition, Fitbit is betting on features. It has to be that way, after all, the look of Ionic is not the most attractive. Yes, aesthetics is a relative issue, so there will be people approving. But the new watch has a “square” style that will probably make a considerable number of people (including me) suspect that the design was not treated with priority.

Sensor Measurement

On the outside, the Fitbit Ionic refers to Blaze , albeit vaguely. But as a successor to this, the new watch brings important advances such as GPS, water resistance (up to 50 meters deep) and heart rate sensor at the bottom which, according to the company, is much more accurate.

Under the watch is also a sensor to measure blood oxygen levels, a feature that can be exploited, for example, by sleep monitoring apps.

Durability is also an important aspect here

Fitbit says the smartwatch case is made of aluminum and built with nanomolding technology. You can expect more physical stamina on the clock, therefore.

But Fitbit does not want Ionic to be used only in sports and health related activities. The company intends to release an SDK in September so that outside developers can create apps of various types for Fitbit OS, the clock operating system which, as expected, is based on the Pebble platform ( the company was acquired by Fitbit last year ).

Fitbit ionic-min

In the platform store you will be able to find service applications like Strava and Pandora. Compatibility with the latter draws attention to detail: the Ibit Fitbit has 2.5 GB of data storage space that can be used to store music (this function will gain compatibility with other streaming services).

The Fitbit Ionic also has NFC. One idea is to allow the user to make payments just by bringing the clock closer to a terminal. To do so, the company is turning to its own payment service: Fitbit Pay (as it is, one more), which supports cards of the American Express, Visa and Mastercard.

Battery Life

Autonomy is a serious problem in smartwatches, at least in the more advanced models. Fitbit tries to reassure me that Ionic’s battery lasts up to four days, but you have to be careful: the battery life drops to 10 hours if the GPS is turned on all the time. The full recharge takes about two hours.


Regarding the screen, the details have not yet been revealed, but it is known that the component is tactile, colorful, has a brightness of 1,000 nits and comes with Gorilla Glass.

Fitbit Flyer

Fitbit points out that Ionic is compatible with Bluetooth headsets, as it could not be. But the company took the opportunity to announce its own wireless headphones: the Fitbit Flyer is fully Ionic compliant and offers sweat resistance, good audio promise and up to six hours of autonomy.

The accessory is sold separately.

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