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Google Home or Amazon Echo? Find out which assistant is worth investing in

December 24, 2017 / no comments, on blog

Google Home Vs Amazon Echo

Google Home is the digital assistant that arrives to compete with Amazon Echo , the longest-running alternative in the industry and with steady evolution of supported applications and features. These are interesting devices for those who want to use the technology and have a virtual assistant that facilitates the routine in the home.

google home vs amazon echo-min

Google Home or Amazon Echo ? Learn more about each home wizard


Google Home has a sleek look and looks more modern than Amazon’s simpler footprint and the longest in the market. Another differential related to this is the fact that the Amazon Echo can be used with a remote control with microphone, which allows you to talk to the wizard at a greater distance, without having to raise your voice.

gogole home and amazon echo-min

Google Home has bolder design than Amazon Echo (Photo: Google)

In the case of Google, there is no such feature, that is, giving voice commands to Home requires projecting the voice more forcefully if you are further away from the device.


If design is a subjective issue, as there will always be those who prefer the more daring profile of the Google Home design and those who find the traditional aspect of the rival more appropriate, the same can not be said about the resources of the two assistants.

 amazon echo and google home-min

Amazon has expanded Echo’s features frequently, adding compatibility with new services and apps (Photo: Amazon)

Google Home takes advantage because it benefits from Google’s most diverse digital platforms and services from Amazon. It’s easy to see this difference by remembering that Amazon Echo operates limited to Amazon’s service and entertainment platforms such as Prime Video and Prime Music (for outside users), while Google Home gives you access to everything Google supports Cast , as well as offering compatibility with your own video and music services.


As for the features, Google also has a certain advantage, but with a few butts: some of these features still have no date to arrive.

In any case, one of the most interesting tools allows Google Home to take control of the home entertainment. With voice command, the user can request the device to start playing a movie or TV show via Netflix or YouTube .

Amazon Echo is compatible with food delivery applications and Uber in the United States, which means you can use the device to order a pizza, or request a race. The list of compatible apps continues to grow, but the pace tends to be lower for Echo, which lacks support and compatibility with Google systems such as Google Maps and Google Translate , confirmed options for integrating Home.

Who is smarter?

Alexa, virtual assistant to Amazon Echo, is able to understand variations of phrases on the same subject and can get results for more trivial commands such as time, suggestions for a meal and climate in a certain place. Google Home runs Google Assistant , a wizard created for the device that promises to be more evolved than Alexa.

The advantage of Google on account of its internet services is present again. The Assistant can use distributed user information in Gmail , for example, to have more context when delivering results, since the wizard is better able to understand the real needs of who controls it at any given time.

An example of this potential was shown during the presentation of the product by Google: upon hearing the command “Ok, Google, play that Zootopia Shakira song.” The wizard was able to identify that the song was “Try Everything” because the user had already heard the song before and this was in their YouTube history.

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