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Gopro Hero 4 Black Waterproof Digital Camera

Review GoPro Hero4 Black

See the full review of GoPro Hero 4 Black, the top brand of the newly arrived

The GoPro Hero 4 Black is the most recent consumer dream of action camera fans. And to give a hint in the construction of this idea, the top of the line came with the possibility of filming in 4K with 30 fps, Full HD quality, update in the night shots.

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Hero 4 Black measures are not very different from those found in older sisters Hero 3 and 3+. They are: 41 mm x 54 mm and 88 g (a bit heavier than the predecessor). That is, a set that fits, literally, in the palm of the hand. Point in favor, since it is a travel camera and, in fact, GoPro can be transported anywhere.

hero 4-min

     GoPro Hero 4 Black keeps portability of other models


In fact, the gray color, common among GoPros since the first model , is a happy choice for action cameras. Thus, it is more difficult to detect possible scratches of fall and other damages that give the feeling of “old”.


Like all good GoPro Hero 4 Black is composed of three buttons and each one with “one thousand and one utilities”. In front of the camera, just to the right of the lens, is the Power / Mode button, which connects GoPro. It is great, but it is not heavy. With moderate pressure, it is already in command, but it is not light enough to allow the camera to plug itself into the bag in case of friction with other objects.

GoPro Hero 4 Black Shoot Button

   GoPro Hero 4 Black Shoot Button

On the direct side, the little-remarkable Settings / Tag button, black and easily camouflaged with the color of the side. Size is not a big problem, but it’s worth noting that in low-light environments, it was not easy to find. In the upper right corner, there is the Shutter / Select button. It is large, lightweight and still features a spherical detail in red, which helps in identification.

Another novelty of Hero 4 Black is in the back. Unlike previous models, the rear of the 4 Black is smooth and the battery space has passed to the base of the camera. Good on the one hand, because it leaves the camera look lighter, and bad on the other, which does not let GoPro users of long standing use the battery of old models in the new one.


Since Hero 3, GoPro has used two lights to guide the user about the status of the camera. These are: the red, which shows whether it is active (photo or video) or loaded, and blue, responsible for detecting if there is connection with the Wi-Fi network.

Compared to the two predecessor models, the change is due to the position of the orientation lights. Before, they stood next to the power button. Now, in Hero 4 Black, they moved to the direct side of the screen as part of the frame. The change may even be an attempt to aid in screen illumination, but in practice it “did not roll.”

Button ahead of Hero 4 Black

     Button ahead of Hero 4 Black

 Status Screen

It comes with a minimal monitor, but sufficient for what it proposes when ambient lighting helps. In it, it is possible to handle the main menu without problems or clutter.

But again, GoPro invested in the quality of the photos in night-time settings, but left aside the camera’s handling in such situations. Nothing that a simple “light” did not solve.


Hero 4 Black, in general, fulfills well what it is proposed; guarantees the update in the production of videos and brought some improvements in the photos. The internal assembly still allows one-click with quick response and non-locking use.

Size, a plus point when it comes to portability, ultimately hurts performance of photos and videos. The reduced dimensions impair the footprint and stability at the time of clicking. So when you ask someone to take a picture of you in a group, you can expect the result to be quieter than the average.

Hero 4 Black does its job well

    Hero 4 Black does its job well


Speaking of photos, Hero 4 Black did not bring significant news in relation to its predecessor. Both have 12 megapixels and even a 1 / 2.3-inch (about 25 mm²) sensor. When placed side-by-side in a bright environment, you can not even tell the difference between the pictures taken by Hero 4 or 3+ Incidentally, GoPro stands out in front of competitors in the action camera market.

In practice, the photos are not of professional quality, but if the intention is to post on Instagram, Facebook, quickly, she is “the guy”. Incidentally, the Wi-Fi connection, next to the GoPro App running on Android and iOS , works quietly.

But it’s worth highlighting: the lighting of the photos taken “in the dark” won an update. Now, there is the possibility of an increase of exposure of up to 30 seconds, which guarantees the contact of the sensor with the light for more time and, soon, more illuminated photos. In addition, Protune mode, previously just for videos, came for photos in Hero 4 and brought autonomy in color saturation, lighting, ISO and other things .

Photos taken with the camera in the night

    Photos taken with the camera in the night


The videos part is the “girl of the eyes” when it comes to Hero 4 Black. It brings the same 4K quality as the predecessor, but guarantees twice as many frames per second: now we have 30, and 1080p (Full HD).

In practice, the quality is very admirable and the processor still ensures quick responses in changing environments, even when light variation and white balance is extreme.

For storage, it is at the discretion of the customer, but during the tests we use the SanDisk microSD card of 64 GB, the maximum capacity of the camera.

The battery is not a positive point of Hero 4 Black

       The battery is not a positive point of Hero 4 Black


Battery is not a topic that GoPro should be proud of. At 1,160 mAh, it works well at outputs restricted to photography, but when shooting is required, it gets very hot and lasts little. To make matters worse, GoPro has changed the battery format in Hero 4 Black, so users with old models will not be able to reuse the batteries in the new version.


The principle of an action camera is strength and portability, even if it costs the quality of the photos. Well, without a cover, Hero 4 Black needs more care. It has not evolved to the point, for example, of being waterproof without needing the proper case. Only when protected, GoPro promises safety up to 40m with the underwater camera.

On the other hand, many of the photos taken with the case underwater remain “foggy” when the case is grounded. It is also worth remembering that the need to completely seal the camera harms (much!) The audio quality. GoPro waterproof? Stay for a …

Cost benefit

Is it still worth buying a GoPro? No doubt, the answer is yes! Portable, versatile (it is possible to take pictures in the fisheye format to the most traditional ones), easy sharing on the networks, intuitive use and many other advantages.

GoPro Hero 4 Black, like its sisters on the line, is a portable camera

  GoPro Hero 4 Black, like its sisters on the line, is a portable camera


If your goal is to make better videos, then the Hero 4 Black model is everything you dream and a little bit more; full HD, 4K, 30 fps … Anyway, all the best.

But if your intention is to upgrade your Hero 3+ Black, maybe this is not the time. It even came waterproof, did not come with an LCD screen to view the result on the hour, did not bring significant improvements in the photos and the battery still lasts less. In that case, disbursing $ 2,499 can be a bit frustrating.


  • Films in 4K with 30 fds
  • Best photos in low light
  • Fast connection via Wi-Fi
  • Rugged and portable


  • Little hard battery
  • Still not waterproof (need a case)
  • Without stabilizer
  • Visible “invisible” in low light

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