Lenovo Miix 720

Lenovo Miix 720 A Serious Competitor For Surface Pro

Lenovo Miix 720

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Nice excellent design with a 150 ° adjustable stand, Windows Hello compatible infrared webcam, a USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port, the backlit removable keyboard with Stylus delivered as standard.

Compared to Microsoft Surface Pro 2017, the Miix 720 will give you more for your money. But its autonomy will not offer you a full day of work.

Lenovo’s Windows 10 Miix tablets are very close to Microsoft’s Surface Pro . So close that when you look at them side by side, it’s hard to know who’s who. But this similarity does not mean that the Miix do not have their own assets.

The high-end version, Miix 720, is also a serious competitor for the Surface Pro both in terms of price and specifications. And Lenovo automatically provides the backlit case keyboard and the pen Active Pen on the merchant site of Lenovo. At Microsoft, the keyboard and stylus are optional. A Surface Pro in equivalent configuration (Core i7, 8 GB Ram, 256 GB SSD). And if these arguments are not enough, perhaps the presence of a USB-C Thunderbolt 3 can convince you. Microsoft for its part uses a proprietary connector for the power supply and proposes an extension of the connection via the outer Surface Dock box. With the Thunderbolt 3, the flexibility of use is greater.

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Serious Arguments In His Favor

In addition to the presence of included accessories and versatile connectivity, the Miix 720 has other advantages to make. To begin with, its 150 ° swivel stand thanks to a very well designed hinge offers a number of adjustment possibilities. Then there is the infrared webcam compatible with the Windows Hello recognition system and a very bright 1280×1.920 12-inch multi-gesture touch screen. Despite its finesse, the tablet incorporates stereo speakers that have trunk. And the keyboard whose depth of the keys very comfortable is similar to that of a laptop.

We still have a preference for the touchpad that offers Microsoft on the keyboard of the Surface, but the delivery of the Miix is ​​still excellent. The Active Pen Pen uses Wacom technology and its performance is similar to that of Wacom Intuos with a very smooth contact on the surface. Personally we found it better to write than to draw. The only complaint is that the pen sleeve blocks one of the two USB ports.

The configuration we tested is easy to use for professional or student use. No problem either to make photo editing or basic video. Simple games also pass, but do not ask too much. You can work while listening to music or watching a video without experiencing latency. On the other hand, you will hear the fans well. They are not particularly noisy but can interfere in a very quiet environment.

The main complaint we make at Miix 720 is its autonomy a little too fair. In its defense, it should be noted that Windows 10 tablets with similar configurations are no better. In mixed use, the Miix only held 6h40mn, 1h45mn less than the Surface Pro.

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The Miix 720 gives you more for your money than the Surface Pro of 2017. Some minor defects prevent it from imposing itself clearly in front of the Microsoft tablet, but none is crippling. Except perhaps its autonomy.

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