Panasonic Lumix G 25mm

Lumix G 25mm / 1.7 Standard Fixed Focal Length

Lumix G 25mm / 1.7 Standard Fixed Focal Length From Panasonic

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  • Razor sharp pictures
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Lichtstark
  • Focal length equivalent KB 50mm

The compact LUMIX G 25mm / F1.7 ASPH. With its high luminous intensity (F1.7) it also allows applications in difficult lighting conditions and also allows very good freedom of exemption. Its standard focal length of 50mm (KB) makes it universally applicable for portrait and landscape photography.

Fast F1.7 Lens With 50mm Standard Focal Length For Basic Shooting

The fast F1.7 lens offers a beautiful bokeh effect for even more impressive and creative shots. Together with the focal length of 50 mm (equivalent to a 35 mm camera), which opens almost the same angle and perspective as the human eye, this lens is ideal for portraiture and landscape photography.

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Razor Sharp Pictures

The lens system consists of 8 elements in 7 groups and includes a UHR lens (Ultra High Refractive Index) and two aspheric lenses. The CLOCK lens provides smooth center-to-edge rendition and the aspheric lenses eliminate aberrations and glitches.

Extremely Fast Contrast Af System With Drive Function for 240 Frames / Sec.

This model is compatible with the sensor drive at a maximum of 240 frames / sec. * To get the most out of cameras with extremely fast AF. The in-focus system and stepper motor for smooth and silent operation combine photo and video recording with the camera’s extremely fast and high-precision contrast AF system.The performance of the sensor drive varies with the camera.

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Compact, Lightweight Design

Enjoy high image quality with the LUMIX G 25 mm / F1.7 ASPH. in the compact, lightweight version. The lens is easy to take with you so you can create impressive bokeh effects anytime, anywhere.

Circular Aperture and Multi-coated Lens Elements

The seven louvers give the bezel a round shape and create an attractive smoothing effect in unfocused areas when shooting with larger aperture settings. The extremely robust metal mount guarantees durability in active use and uses multi-coated lens elements to minimize artifacts and reflections and enhance image quality.

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