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Microsoft All-in-One Media keyboard

May 15, 2018 / no comments, on blog

Microsoft All-in-One Media keyboard

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The most price, integration of a touchpad, classic shortcut keys and Windows 8 shortcut keys, comfort, responsiveness.

Simple, no-frills, and effective, Microsoft’s All In One Media keyboard is more than just a wireless keyboard and has a touchpad. With its price (very affordable), it is an accessory of choice for browsing a PC or TV from his sofa.

The Microsoft All In One Media keyboard is a set of keyboard + touchpad (touchpad) offered at. It is lightweight and has a solid design for its price. It has a matte black finish, far better than a glossy finish that is more likely to keep fingerprints and dust. But a keyboard is made to be touched. It is only available in black, while other similar products are available in several colors.

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It is not a Bluetooth keyboard since it connects to the PC via a small USB dongle. It runs on two AAA batteries (supplied) and has a small compartment on the bottom, next to the batteries, to store the dongle when you’re out and about. The battery door is easy to open with the thumb. Appreciable when we had to fight to open such compartments or ask someone with big nails to help you. It also has a true on / off button on the side to avoid the battery discharge when you do not use it.

The sensitivity of the touchpad is good except when using two fingers for double-clicking, which often required several attempts during testing. However, the pinch to zoom and the two-finger scroll both worked well. Microsoft All-in-One Media keyboard can be used on the lap, but it is better to position the touchpad on the thigh for better support.

Two right-click and left-click areas are located at the bottom of the touchpad, but there is also a left button on the left-hand side that is useful for dragging and dropping files and moving windows.

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The row of function keys incorporates some gesture functions of Windows 8, which is useful when you do not have a touch screen. In addition to these functions, there are also shortcut keys located above the numbers and the touchpad to play multimedia files, put the computer to sleep, start the search, share files, open the Control Panel, minimize all windows, open exit preferences and launch applications. They are customizable via software to download from the Microsoft site. Nothing to say about the comfort and efficiency of Microsoft’s All In One Media keyboard: responsive and functional.

It would have been nice to find a key backlight function, especially since this keyboard is also designed for home theater use in the living room. In the dark, it is always more pleasant to not have to turn on the light to use such an accessory.

In this price range, there is a competitor like the Logitech K400r. This model has a slightly brighter finish and real right click buttons and left click for the touchpad. The K400r is also available in two colors, black or white, and with almost the same shortcut keys as the Microsoft keyboard to quickly launch applications.

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