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Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera Works With Alexa

Nest Cam Indoor Overview: Security Camera in Comparison

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Indoor security cameras can do much more than just catch burglars in the act. The Nest Cam Indoor can also be used as a pet or babycam thanks to two-way audio. It is also compatible with many other smart home and IoT devices, and interacts with Fitbit trackers, for example. We present the most important reviews and reviews of Nest Cam Indoor in comparison.

The Nest Cam Indoor Is Flexibly Installable and Particularly Compatible


The Nest Cam indoor security camera can be easily wall-mounted in the Smart Home, as is the Nest smoke detector and the Google company’s controllable thermostat . It is also possible to connect the Smart Home devices to each other via Bluetooth , so that, for example, when the smoke detector is activated, the Nest Security Camera automatically sends recordings.


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High-resolution Nest Cam Indoor Provides a High Level of Security

The camera records in 1080p resolution and thus has to offer a higher video quality compared to its predecessors and in the optics very similar models Dropcam and Dropcam Pro. Of course, the improved resolution also allows better controls, through 130 degree angle, infrared mode for night photography and streaming capabilities. For this purpose, the security camera from Nest is aesthetically designed and dynamic in shape, so it does not interfere with celebrities.

What Is Compatible With Nest Cam Indoor?

The Nest app integrates many more smart home devices and services. For example, this one:

  • EVE Connect (connects the cam to the touch screen of Tesla Model S)
  • simplehuman sensor Mirror pro (sensor mirror shows pictures of the cam)
  • GreenIQ (garden hub for irrigation control)
  • Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa Fitness tracker
  • Smappee energy monitor
  • Almond router
  • Stringify App
  • SkyBell doorbell
  • Magenta SmartHome
  • Conrad Connect


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Benefits of the Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

  • Motion detector has always worked reliably
  • Video quality in the test was very good
  • Time-lapse feature for quickly finding specific clips
  • Flexible, magnetic mount
  • App or voice control possible


Conclusion on the Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

If you already have compatible devices, you can easily expand your Smart Home with the Nest Indoor Cam. In addition, it is also suitable for people who leave home only for a short time (eg for shopping). On the other hand, anyone who is fully employed or frequently on business trips should think twice about investing in a surveillance subscription.

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