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Seagate Wireless Plus a Step Forward To Its Predecessor

May 15, 2018 / no comments, on blog

Seagate Wireless Plus


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USB 3.0, performance, relay and Internet connection sharing, capacity of 1 TB.

Wireless and battery-powered, the Seagate Wireless Plus offers dual-use: that of a conventional external hard drive and the multimedia diffuser to smartphones and tablets.It is doing very well in both situations.

What a step forward compared to its predecessor, the Seagate GoFlex Satellite . The Seagate Wireless Plus now combines 1TB of storage space, over 10 hours of battery life and a Wi-Fi chip that can receive up to 8 simultaneous device connections in a compact form factor USB 3.0 portable disk (2.5 “format) Connected devices (mainly smartphones and tablets) can stream digital content from the disk and also save files to it via a mobile application or browser. connected to a computer, it also works as a very classic portable drive.

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Seagate’s new Wireless Plus looks a lot like GoFlex Satellite in terms of design, but it’s slightly more compact. This case houses a terabyte internal hard drive, a Wi-Fi access point and a battery. Despite all these features the Seagate Wireless Plus retains small dimensions and a relatively contained weight: 2 x 8.9 x 12.7 centimeters for just over 250 grams.

On one side, the Wireless Plus has a standard SATA jack, covered with a cover. By removing it, you can use the disk via a Seagate connection adapter such as Backup Plus and GoFlex portable drives. The Wireless Plus comes with a USB 3.0 adapter and a standard USB 3.0 cable. They are used to connect it to a computer, so it works just like any portable external drive. Easy to transfer files to the Wireless Plus just before moving. With 1TB of storage space, most of us will be able to save their entire iTunes library for example.

Note that the Wireless Plus disc battery charges automatically when connected to a computer. Charging is still faster when the disc is connected to the charger via the dedicated jack. It can not be used as an external disk and media server at the same time. It’s one function at a time!

When operating as a portable drive, the Wireless Plus displays a number of pre-recorded folders (Video, Music, Photo and Documents) but you can create new ones of any name. When switched to use as a wireless media server, it automatically organizes data from all folders in different categories for users to browse from their connected device through the Seagate Media application.

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The Wireless Plus supports a standard 802.11n Wi-Fi stream with a maximum throughput of 150 Mbps. For this reason, even though it can support up to eight devices simultaneously, only three of them will be able to enjoy an HD video stream at the same time.

Like the Seagate type Backup Plus portable external drives, the Wireless Plus is formatted by default in NTFS and must remain there to operate. It also comes with drivers that allow to use it on a Mac with this format.

Basically, the Wireless Plus is preconfigured as a Wi-Fi access point. It is possible to connect other wireless devices: computers, smartphones, tablets. Then just launch the Seagate Media application to access and use the Wireless Plus in “wireless” mode.

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Limited Number of Supported Formats

The Seagate Media app provides access to the library of media files stored on the Wireless Plus, organized in Video, Photo, Music and Documents folders. When a category is selected, you can view the thumbnails of the content and sort by date or type. There is also a search function. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for (a video, playlist, file, etc.), just select it to play.

The Seagate Media application supports only a limited number of file formats by default: H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion-JPEG for video, as well as AAC, MP3, Audible (format 2, 3 and 4), Apple Lossless, A IFF and WAV for audio. No problem reading these types of formats, but you can not stream other types of content, especially popular video formats like Matroska and Xvid.

For unsupported formats, there is still the option to download the affected file to the connected device (tablets or smartphones) for playback by another third-party application. If it works well with small files office, photo, see audio … this is not a viable solution for videos. With these, the transfer process is quite long. Transferring content completely goes against the Wireless Plus philosophy of remote access to content. In addition, opting for a solution such as the Wireless Plus is part of the process of not saturate the storage capacity available on mobile terminal and / or increase it via a third-party device.

The connection goes both ways, the Seagate Wireless Plus can send content to tablets and smartphones, but it can also receive the same devices. In particular photos and videos made. Convenient to free up space or make copies for security.

Internet Access Point And Multimedia Broadcasting

This portable drive can be connected to an existing Wi-Fi network like your home, hotel or hotspot, and then share that Internet connection with other devices connected to your own Wi-Fi network.

In addition to smartphones and tablets, the Wireless Plus works with any DLNA compatible device (including TVs) as well as laptops.

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Uses And Performances

As a portable disk, this model excels in a USB 3.0 connection, with a bit rate of 110 Mbps in both read and write, appearing as one of the fastest USB 3.0 discs tested. In USB 2.0, its speed is reduced to 28 Mbit / s write and 32 Mbit / s read. A result in the average.

As a multimedia server, the Wireless Plus also worked very well. Its weaknesses come from the limitations of Wi-Fi. With its limit of 150 Mbps, downloading and uploading large amounts of data is quite lengthy. In these cases it is better to go through the USB 3.0 connection. No worries for streaming, but we are not going beyond two devices connected simultaneously.

The Wireless Plus has a proper range for a disc of this size. The signal remained stable and usable up to a maximum distance of about 15 meters. The autonomy is impressive. In continuous use with five devices connected, the Seagate wireless drive is running just over 11 hours.

Without being revolutionary, the Satellite had shown the way, the Segate Wireless Plus brings the experience of mobile streaming and sharing to another level of performance. A simple and effective solution for sharing and distributing a lot of content (for reminder: 1 TB).

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