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Microvisor is a state-of-the-art mini hood designed to glue to a "microwave over the variety" and enhance the exhaust serve as of the microwave. It was once advanced by means


Microvisor is a state-of-the-art mini hood designed to glue to a “microwave over the variety” and enhance the exhaust serve as of the microwave. It was once advanced by means of an complete chef who was once a a success proprietor operator of 3  eating places in New Jersey for 25 years.The Microwave Over Vary was once designed to include an exhaust gadget in current cupboard house, as opposed to a dearer exhaust hood.  The Microwave Over Vary is generally five” deep, and all cooktops/levels are at least 24″ deep, it’s just about unattainable to successfully exhaust the fumes from cooking at the entrance burners. The Microvisor mini hood is 29 7/eight? huge, 1? prime On the entrance and 1 half? prime On the again. 8 half? deep. While inserted into the bracket it tasks ahead of the microwave oven by means of 6 half? to seize the smoke, grease and odors. The bracket is a 2? deep patented C clip layout that attaches in lower than 2 mins. The Microvisor mini hood is inserted into the bracket and got rid of by means of merely pulling it out. After 2 years of layout and production prototypes, the Microvisor has been perfected and delicate to its provide shape.  It’s been confirmed to seize ninety% of the cooking fumes and odors produced whilst cooking at the entrance burners of a cooktop or range.  It prevents the smoke, grease and odors from blending with the air in your house and gathering on furnishings and cupboards.  It’s been confirmed that fumes from cooking oils escaping into the air of your own home are destructive on your well being.  Everybody who has a Microvisor microwave Vary hood in their house says it complements and completes the glance in their microwave over the variety.  The Microvisor Hood is detachable, simple to retailer without a electric parts. Disclaimer – A few photographs display Microvisor with branding at the nook. On the request of our shoppers we’ve got rid of this brandingMicrowaves with a convex or non-flush backside might require the five/eight nylon spacer equipment
The Microvisor is a mini hood that attaches to the bottom of a “microwave over the variety” and extends ahead over the prepare dinner most sensible to seize smoke, grease, and moisture
Captures the smoke, grease and moisture now not captured by means of the exhaust gadget below the microwave oven
Captures the fumes and odors constructed from cooking which are harmful the air high quality in your house
The Microvisor compliments the illusion of your microwave and perfects the exhaust serve as decreasing grease residue buildup on cupboards, microwave ovens and your ceiling
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Stainless Steel

















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