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WD My Passport Pro Offers Performance And Security

May 17, 2018 / no comments, on blog

WD My Passport Pro

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The most robust, fast, self-powered, capacity, integrated Thunderbolt cable, multiple configurations (RAID 0 / RAID 1).

Using a Thunderbolt connection and a couple of hard drives, the WD My Passport Pro offers performance and security to store data with a Mac. All in a completely autonomous housing.

The Western Digital (WD) My Passport Pro is more than the first self-powered portable hard drive 4 terabytes (TB) Thunderbolt market. It’s also one of the fastest Thunderbolt drives on the market for Macs.


Both Robust and Practical

The WD My Passport Pro is available in two versions: 2TB and 4TB. Both are about the same size: 14.3cm long and 8.9cm wide. At 4.4 centimeters tall, the 4TB version is about 25% thicker than the 2TB (2.9cm) version. The WD My Passport Pro with a capacity of 4 TB is also significantly heavier, with a weight of 720 grams, against 460 grams for the other.

The 4 TB version is higher because it houses two 2.5 “discs of 15 millimeters of 2 TB each, while the 2 TB version is based on two 2.5” discs 9.5 millimeters of 1 TB each. Whether it’s a 2TB or a 4TB version, the My Passport Pro is one of the largest 2.5 “portable hard drives on the market and is easily transportable.

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The My Passport Pro has an all aluminum chassis that is both solid and pleasing to the eye. This housing also serves as a heat sink for the drive. On its underside, there is a small opening for the air inlet. On the front, there is a small fan that only works when the disc really warms up.

No Thunderbolt socket on the disc. The My Passport Pro directly integrates the Thunderbolt cable that always stays attached. This one, when not in use, can be stored in the groove running along the sides. An intelligent design that reconciles aesthetics and practicality for the disc. You no longer need to carry cables with this disc. Without an extra Thunderbolt socket, it is impossible to chain devices (Thunderbolt technology allows you to align up to 7 elements). The Western Digital disc must take place at the end of the chain.

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RAID support, no USB

The WD My Passport Pro is self-powered. It does not require a separate power cable to operate it. The only thing to do is connect the drive directly to a computer. This one must be a Mac compatible Thunderbolt (all recent Macs support the Thunderbolt) since unfortunately, the My Passport Pro is not USB compatible. This makes it an exclusive backup device for Mac.

Basically, the two internal drives of My Passport Pro are formatted in the Mac HFS + file system and combined into RAID 0. Both drives are combined into one volume to provide the maximum storage capacity. RAID 0 generally increases the risk of data loss. If one of the two disks fails, all the data is lost. The WD My Passport Pro makes it easy to switch to a RAID 1 configuration (data is stored in duplicate on both disks, the disadvantage is storage capacity divided by two) or two separate volumes (My Passport Pro appears as two external hard drives). You can do this using the included Mac OS Disk Utility software or with the WD Drive Utility application preinstalled on the My Passport Pro itself. In the end, this external drive is very versatile and adapts to all situations.

In common use, it is the RAID 0 configuration that offers the highest storage capacity and performance. If you are using it as a hard disk, remember to do regular backups.

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Excellent Performance

The My Passport Pro tests were done in RAID 0 mode. It was very fast, reaching a file write speed of 180 MB / s and reading files of 170 MB / s. The Western Digital Disk Part of the fastest portable drives on the market. Only some built around SSD are faster. But they have much lower storage capacity.

This disc is also very quiet. During the tests, it never heated enough to trigger the fan. Note that if you use it in a configuration other than RAID 0, its performance will be lower.

Hosting two 2.5-inch hard drives, the My Passport Pro allows the user to organize them in different RAID configurations or as separate volumes. During the tests performed with the RAID 0 configuration, it showed that it was among the fastest Thunderbolt portable hard drives. In addition, its robust design and practical even if it is cumbersome (flip side) incorporates the Thunderbolt cable. It is impossible to forget or misplace it. If you do not mind the lack of a USB connection, the WD My Passport Pro is one of the best external storage media Mac users can expect, especially in 2 TB and in 4 TB.

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