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Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Asking Yourself This Question?

Why Can’t I Lose Weight? If You Ask Yourself This Question, This Article Is for You!

Why can’t I lose weight? This question arises in the minds of most people in the world. Unfortunately, that is the brutal truth. Modern society is greasy, dull, sick, without energy. By appropriate manipulation, slowly deprived of independent thinking, to become a shapeless mass susceptible to suggestions – and in particular to instilling the belief that consumerism is the highest value and prestige. The promoted fashion for owning, shopping and eating in fast food roadside bars is only a small part of this insidious machine.

If you feel that you are slowly becoming her cog, then you are still on the right track. The fact that you see what is going on around you means it’s not the worst thing about you. However, you need to work on it so that the machine does not draw you and does not gag as it has already done with many people. The first symptom of human control is obesity. Yes, this excessive carcass is a warning that you have deviated from the natural path of development to a road easy, deceptively pleasant but leading to premature death in pain and suffering. After all, that wasn’t your plan for life, wasn’t it?

Why can’t I lose weight in this fat despite a diet?

I can’t lose weight despite a draconian diet! I often hear such words. drastic diets have a temporary effect. The apparent weight loss is actually the loss of water, muscle mass and bone mass. Muscle tissue consumes a lot of energy, which is why the body during the diet of reduction starts with it. In addition, the fat protects against the cold so it will be burned last. That’s why you feel weak, discouraged and sensitive. I’ve done it myself in the past and it actually works like that. The fat was as it was and the muscles hit the trail. Actually I’ve reduced the weight but at the expense of what? That is not the way to go.  The jojo effect is known to every slimming person. After a drastic calorie cut, if you switch to a normal diet, your body will accumulate fat just in case. He has already learned the lesson of undersupplying calories, so you will not be able to cheat him now so easily. When it comes to muscle regeneration, on the other hand, it will not be that pink anymore. You will need to exercise intensively and eat enough to grow. Bone tissue also needs more time to regenerate.

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So, is it worth cutting calories drastically?

In the long run, it is absolutely not. Short-term hunger kits are some of the things I wrote about in my earlier article, Cheap medicine for life? It turns out that it exists and is accessible to everyone! In order to reduce body fat, I think that the main issue is how to approach it.  You may not like many of these points or you may not be able to implement them in your life. Well, you won’t be able to determine whether it works or not. And it works! I tested it myself. Every organism is different, but certain rules are universal and work for everyone. I will therefore go to the heart of it.

What can disturb the fat burning process?

  • The most important is an adequate supply of calories adapted to daily physical activity. There can be not too few of them, but also not too many. Too many calories will be deposited in the form of fatty tissue.
  • Deficiency of certain vitamins, in particular vitamins D3 and C. How important vitamin C is in the process of fat tissue reduction – vitamin C is perfect for fat burning, stress, inflammation and diabetes.
  • The same is true for minerals. In order to lose weight effectively, it is necessary to use, for example, magnesium or zinc. With the entry – Check if you are affected by a zinc deficiency!   You will learn how to perform a home-made test to determine whether your zinc level is appropriate.
  • Meat and dairy products often disturb the hormone metabolism and cause weight gain and cellulite. At present, it is practically impossible to buy good quality dairy products. Everything is made from processed milk powder and pasteurised. The same is true for meat. Try to put them off for at least a month and check the results. Of course, do not make any other mistakes in doing so, which will destroy your actions.
  • Remember that intestinal bacteria play a very important role in the whole circus. If for some reason you have an impoverished bacterial flora, it may manifest itself by living. You can supply these useful bacteria in a completely natural way, as I write about it in the article Natural probiotics essential for your health and beauty. In turn for these bacteria to have something to eat, one needs to take care of the food for them. How do you find out from the entry – The best prebiotics you can find in natural food!
  • Some foods help to reduce fat, e.g. pineapple, grapefruit or unrefined coconut oil
  • Many spices accelerate fat burning. These include pepper, chili pepper, cinnamon, mint, ginger and caraway. It’s worth adding them to your food every day.
  • Everyday physical activity is very helpful, provided that it is adapted to one’s own abilities. Ideally it should be done with pleasure, because if it is a grim duty, then you are going to be discouraged fast. Even walks are great let’s hope not from Christmas.

Can’t lose weight or maybe I don’t want to lose weight?

I intentionally do not write here about foods that should be avoided, because there are a lot of them and this is not what this article is about. However, you must be aware of what you are putting in your mouth. Chemical sweets, white breads, sweetened drinks, in general, what has little to do with real, natural food should be immediately removed from the menu.

So in order to answer the question – why I can’t lose weight, first fight with myself but without any cacking. Take a look at your habits, diet and not spend too much time lying on the sofa. This whole mix is of great importance. Everything needs to be balanced in order for the entire machine to move from the hoof, means the fat accumulated for years starts to melt. And don’t sometimes think that you can get rid of it in a matter of minutes. Don’t cry that you can’t lose weight. At the beginning you may even feel poor because the body will switch to new, unknown tracks but it doesn’t matter whether you stop! I can assure you that very soon you will feel relief, a flow of positive energy and more and more visible effects will be a reward for perseverance. Thank you for your patience and give your strength and encouragement to continue.

Success in fighting fat folds!

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